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Who is Patrick McNamara (seriously, anyone know this kid?)?

Besides having a lot of pointy capital letters on the back of his jersey, what do we know about this Patrick McNAMARA kid? According the listings on, he's 6-4, 210 pounds and is as white as a biscuit. He's a junior walk-on from Lubbock. Played high school ball at Monterey and totaled 890 yards and 11 touchdowns during his senior year.

If you watched Sunday's Spring Game, you know who we're talking about, even if you don't know a thing about him. He has appeared in just three games on special teams during his two seasons at Texas. Sunday, he appeared in the end zone at the end of a Case McCoy pass. McCoy went 5-for-5 on the drive and found McNamara in the front of the end zone for six.

McNamara also made a few other impressive grabs in traffic, and fought for a first down by fighting through a tackle and lunging for the first-down line. The receiver position is perhaps the most crowded on this year's team. With names like Mike Davis, DeSean Hales, Marquise Goodwin, Malcolm Williams, John Harris, Darius White and arriving freshman Jaxon Shipley, it's going to be tough to break out of that group, especially as the QB carrousel keeps going around and around. Ironically, McNamara is the biggest receiver listed. The good news for him is that the Harsin-Applewhite offensive coordinator combo is looking for anyone who can contribute. With the offense employing a lot of different looks and willingness to (gasp!) go down field more with deeper routes, McNamara could see more time if he progresses through camp in August. We just need to figure out who's gonna "give him the damn ball."

So, that's pretty much the skinny on McNamara (a.k.a P-Mac). Anyone else got some goods on him? Anyone on campus spot him lately? Thoughts? Post below.