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Replacing Rodney Terry

The news that Rodney Terry is taking over as head coach at Fresno State can hardly be called good news, considering his prowess as a recruiter and connection to the Candian pipeline. With that said, not only has Texas already secured the pledges of Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph, and Myck Kabongo, but the hope is that the program isn't in a position where it depends on the exceptional recruiting skills of any one individual assistant to pull in top targets. Texas has developed a strong national reputation, possesses first-rate facilities, and is located in an increasingly talent-rich state.

If it's the case that the Texas program is in a place where Barnes' staff can recruit successfully without any particular individual brilliance, it's fair to wonder if Terry's ideal replacement would be an assistant who excels at understanding and teaching the intricacies of the game.

Then again, Rodney Terry has proven himself to be an outstanding recruiter, and it would be problematic if the Longhorns were to lose ground in the talent wars due to his departure.