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Big 12 Baseball Tournament: Day 4 Open Thread

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It was a perfect day for Texas Friday, as the Longhorns easily ousted Oklahoma State and Texas fans got some schadenfreude out of a 4-3 Oklahoma loss to K-State. At this point, Texas has likely done enough to earn a coveted  top-eight national seed and the accompanying super-regional hosting track. Still, they might as well do what they can to take down Mizzou twice today for a shot at the tourney title.

Sam Stafford will take the hill at 9 AM, and if the Longhorns win that one they'll play the Tigers again in an elimination game at 4. This should be a relaxed day for Horns fans; should Texas lose, then the possibility of injury in the second game vanishes. Should they win, well, they win. And that's what you set out to do when entering a sporting event.

Big 12 Sports has the video again. This will be your open thread for all (both?) of the day's games. Texas A&M and KSU play after the Texas game, and if KSU wins they will play again at either 4:00 or 7:30, depending on whether Texas and Mizzou play again.

Update:  Texas beats Mizzou 6-1 in a must win game to keep hopes alive in the Big 12 tourney.  Pitcher Kendal Carrillo really put in a great performance in middle relief for Stafford, who was sporadic in his pitch location early on.  Brandon Loy is playing out of his mind.  He is batting something like over 1.000 (he's actually batting over .580) for the championship tourney.  He went 3-4 today with 20 doubles and 15 RBI's (ok, that's stretching score here).  He is also gobbling up every grounder coming his every which way at short stop.  Get on the bandwagon, Horns.  This team is starting to heat up the bats.  Texas will play Mizzou again at 4:00 p.m. cdt today for the single-elimination game.  Win this next one and we will face either Texas A&M or KSU tomorrow for the Big 12 tourney winner-take-all title.  -TXs-

Update #2: We'll post another open thread for the 4:00 PM game, so switch over to that one once the Longhorns and Tigers get going again!