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Texas Pounds Nebraska; Sunday Open Thread

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Texas rolled the Cornhuskers 16-5 on Saturday to guarantee another series win and to technically take a full-game lead over the Aggies in the conference. We'd describe how it all happened, but there was a lot of it so we'll just send you here for a full recap.

Back yet? Welcome! One of the keys going forward is that Cole Green seems to have settled into a consistent pattern. He's going to give up a few hits and a few runs, but not so many of either that Texas is out of the ballgame. Unlike Jungmann, he is unlikely to single-handedly win a whole lot of games; but he's also unlikely to cost us many. That's a good, solid postseason starter.

No word as of this writing whether Stafford or Milner will get the start today, but it's likely whichever one doesn't will be first out of the 'pen if the starter gets into trouble. It's a nice problem to have. First pitch is at noon CDT, and video is here.