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Greg Timmons Transfer Official

News broke exactly a week ago that Texas wide receiver Greg Timmons was planning on transferring. On Tuesday, that news became official, as the university released a statement that Timmons is leaving school. He has not yet decided where he will transfer.

The former Eisenhower star and US Army All-American had this to say:

Texas is a good place, and all I knew growing up was Texas, so leaving that family hurts. But at the same time, I think it’s best for me to get a fresh start with new opportunities.

Timmons did not make a catch during his Texas career and likely will be best known for the high-top fade that he sported coming out of high school. Personally, I'll always remember a related comment -- asked why he cut it before enrolling, Timmons noted that a number of students at Eisenhower copied him and looked like "a bunch of tree stumps" walking around school.

The Longhorns are now one scholarship over the 85-man limit for the fall amidst rumors that Brock Fitzhenry may not return to school in the fall -- he is currently not enrolled in classes for the first summer session.

Best of luck, Greg.