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SBN Conference Re-Draft: Texas Headlines "The 12 Pack"

SB Nation's college bloggers have begun our conference re-draft and the first three rounds are in the books. As a reminder, we're ignoring geographical/time-zone considerations and drafting strictly on overall value of the athletics program. If you missed the initial post explaining the rules, you can read them here.

With the first overall pick in the draft, conference commissioner Brian at BC Interruption selected the University of Texas. From there, Brian, BON, and Barking Carnival put our heads together and formulated a draft strategy. We wanted strong state athletic programs in big TV markets, with solid academics, a sense of ethics/clean play, and the highest upside in football and basketball.

Fortunately for us, the University of Georgia was available as the last pick of the second round, and we followed that up by grabbing UCLA with the first pick of the third round. We settled on a conference name of The Twelve Pack. 

With Texas, Georgia, and UCLA, we arguably have the three top schools for our criteria. Florida would be the other top school that fits our criteria, of course, but they were drafted No. 2 overall.

After the jump, results from the first three rounds of the draft. Let us know how you like "The 12 Pack" so far and who you'd love to see targeted in rounds 4 and 5.

Round-Pick Conference Commissioner Selection
1-1 The Twelve Pack BC Interruption TEXAS
1-2 Conference #2 Black Heart Gold Pants FLORIDA
1-3 Conference #3 Team Speed Kills ALABAMA
1-4 Conference #4 Big East Coast Bias OHIO STATE
1-5 Conference #5 House of Sparky USC
1-6 Conference #6 Red Cup Rebellion LSU
2-7 Conference #6 Red Cup Rebellion MICHIGAN
2-8 Conference #5 House of Sparky NOTRE DAME
2-9 Conference #4 Big East Coast Bias FLORIDA STATE
2-10 Conference #3 Team Speed Kills OKLAHOMA
2-11 Conference #2 Black Heart Gold Pants PENN STATE
2-12 The Twelve Pack BC Interruption GEORGIA
3-13 The Twelve Pack BC Interruption UCLA
3-14 Conference #2 Black Heart Gold Pants VIRGINIA TECH
3-15 Conference #3 Team Speed Kills NEBRASKA
3-16 Conference #4 Big East Coast Bias LOUISVILLE
3-17 Conference #5 House of Sparky OREGON
3-18 Conference #6 Red Cup Rebellion NORTH CAROLINA


What do you think so far? The Twelve Pack will have picks Nos. 24 and 25 coming up. Who else do you want to see in our conference? Who do you see as the best available programs still on the board?