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Bevo's Daily Roundup: Thursday, June 23, 2011

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All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


We need to stop beating up on Greg Davis. Brilliant offensive thought went into those game plans and bubble screens. [Smart Football]

Now you throw the bubble screen, run the bootleg passes to the flat, and make them pay for their impatience. Now the defensive ends begin rushing hard upfield; you trap, draw, and screen them to make them pay for getting out of position. If that defensive end played honest your tackle could block him; if he flies upfield he cannot. Constraint plays make them get back to basics. Once they get back to playing honest football, you go back to the whiteboard and beat them with your bread and butter.

Meet Jaxon Shipley. [MBTF]

We were outvoted by Sooners and Cornhuskers. [ESPN's Big 12 Blog]

Oklahoma's Sooner Schooner and the Ruf/Neks knocked off Texas' Bevo and the Big Bertha drum in the first round.

I always look for an excuse to post video of this game. Any excuse at all.

Set your alarm clocks. Red River Rivalry time has been set. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Texas caused Wiilie Lyle's downfall. [Barking Carnival]

According to Lyles, UT was upset because he “didn’t want to steer kids their [Texas] way.” Lyles contended that he and Oregon have a good business relationship and that he earned the $25,000 Oregon paid him for his recruiting brochure.

Lyles didn’t stop there. He accused Texas of paying high school coaches to influence kids to come to Texas.

Counting down...[Countdown Clock]


The Sooner coaching staff has a big incentive to finish in the top 5. [Fox Sports]

University regents voted Wednesday to approve amended contracts for Bob Stoops' assistants, giving each one a $25,000 bonus if the Sooners finish in the top five.

What were Bob Stoops gutsiest calls? [Blatant Homerism]

OU's big game just might be the Aggies. [Tulsa World]

Are the Pokes headed for a drop-off? [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Good advice from Tommy Tuberville. [Dallas Morning News]

"The best thing you can do in our business is if something happens, be honest about it and go on with it. There's a lot of things you can't control. There's a lot of things the players do that you can't control. We're limited to the time we can spend with these kids, but we're held to the standards of a saint, so to speak."

Who was the craziest Oklahoma State coach? [Cowboys Ride For Free]

Honestly, if right now you asked any college football fan to name the two most insane current head coaches, I have no doubt that 90+% of the results would be former Cowboy coaches Les and Dana (also, effeminate first names may have something to do with it).

So it got me thinking... Is Oklahoma State a hotbed for charismatic/insane/unique football coaches? And if so, who is the craziest current or former Oklahoma State football coach?

OU hopes the end is coming. [NewsOK]

Athletic director Joe Castiglione believes Oklahoma is getting closer to resolving the NCAA investigation into its men's basketball program.

Castiglione said after a board of regents meeting Wednesday that there are “signs that we're moving toward resolution” and there “probably will” be developments he can comment on later this summer.


Don't mess with nuns. tOSU President Gordon Gee apologized to The Little Sisters of the Poor. [WBNS-10TV]

"I made the unfortunate comments about the fact that I compared some other football teams to the Little Sisters of the Poor," Gee said on Tuesday.

"He didn't know we were real," said Sister Cecilia Sartorius of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

The Toledo-based group is on a mission to care for the poor elderly across Ohio.

Who were the best college football teams the six past years? [Linebacker-U]

The compliance department is always watching. [Dr. Saturday]

The newest accessory for the college football uniform. [CBS Sports]


Following the gravy train of college sports and the

Pay for play, where else but USC. Lonne White gives you a first-hand account of his lucrative job playing college football. [The Daily]

How much money will USC lose because of NCAA sanctions? [LA Times]

"I can't quantify monetary damages," Athletic Director Pat Haden said.

This much is clear: The football price tag already runs well into the tens of millions in lost bowl appearances, sagging attendance, attorney fees and other direct and ancillary costs.

The University of North Carolina received notice of allegations from the NCAA. [Associated Press]

North Carolina has received a notice of allegations from the NCAA outlining numerous "potential major violations" in the football program, including unethical conduct by a former assistant coach as well as failure to adequately monitor the conduct of a former and current players.

Does it get any worse than this? [Dr. Saturday]

Please stop for a moment to allow the fact to sink in that the NCAA believes a major program was employing an assistant coach who was acting as a runner for an agent. The NFLPA seems to have been suitably convinced of the arrangement between Blake and Wichard, as well, having slapped the latter with a nine-month suspension last December prior to Wichard's death from cancer.

Former OU coach John Blake is an outlaw in the college coaching ranks. [Dr. Saturday]

If they just close their eyes, maybe it didn't really happen. [Associated Press]

Ohio State University on Tuesday dropped its review of car purchases by football players and family members after two separate investigations found dealerships made money on almost all of the sales.

The university made its decision in light of a report by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and a separate review by the Ohio Independent Automobile Dealers Association.

More Quack questions. As Oregon releases more information on Lyles, more questions are raised. [Sports Illustrated]

Were the Oregon coaches even paying attention to what was in the report? [The Register-Guard]

Lyles, for instance, touted Uzoma Nwachukwu, who had been a freshman all-American at Texas A&M in the fall of 2009, months before Oregon received the “2011 National Package.”

Kenneth Guiton, one of the quarterback prospects listed by Lyles for 2011, had been at Ohio State since 2009 and this spring led his team to victory in the Buckeyes’ spring game.

Iowa coaches and employees get free cars from local dealerships. [Chicago Sun-Times]

The university released data Tuesday showing that at least 57 coaches, assistant coaches, spouses and athletics department employees ranging from fundraisers to the travel coordinator drive vehicles donated by car dealers.

The school said it had no information about cars currently driven by 10 employees, including baseball coach Jack Dahm, wrestling coach Tom Brands and softball coach Marla Looper.

Dahm told AP he is currently driving a Jeep Commander but he often trades in his vehicle depending on the time of year. He favors a car that gets better mileage in summer months when he’s out recruiting but he might want a truck to cope with Iowa’s winters.

So how will Gene Chizik do next season? [Dr. Saturday]

By now, regular readers hardly need another reminder that Auburn 2011 is shaping up as a far, far cry from the senior-laden outfit that stormed to the BCS championship in 2010 behind the improbable heroics of a once-in-a-generation freak of nature. The freak, quarterback Cam Newton, is gone, along with defensive counterpart Nick Fairley and 14 senior starters. By almost any measure, the Tigers will field the greenest lineup in America on opening day, and will certainly be the first defending champ of the BCS era to open outside the preseason top 10 in the polls. They may find themselves snubbed by the polls altogether. Most of the summer preview mags are already slating them at or near the bottom of the SEC West.

I want the name of Chizik's attorney. [The Birmingham News]

Football rules. [NewsOK]

And finally...

One of the Oregon visitors, jcolomy, posted this link today. Enjoy. [Texas A&M University]

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