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Nelson Agholor to Take Unofficial Texas Visit

Unfortunately, and to my own discredit, Tampa Berkeley Prep athlete Nelson Agholor hasn't received much mention in this space. It certainly isn't for a lack of talent, as the Florida star has it in spades and few players in the country possess as much suddenness, the type of elite-level acceleration that jumps off the screen on his highlights. Ranked ninth in the country by Rivals, Agholor received an offer from Texas earlier in the spring and a subsequent visit from Duane Akina.

As always, the next step in the process is a visit and Agholor's coach told Orangeblods that the 6-2, 180-pounder will visit Texas unofficially within the next week, and plans on taking in TCU as well on the trip. Clearly Agholor has some legitimate interest in the Longhorns, a positive sign for his recruitment.

However, the difficulty could be convincing Ahgolor that his future lies on the defensive side of the ball. With his size, playing wide receiver in the NFL is hardly out of the question. Even though the Longhorns won't offer him a chance to have the ball in his hands as a wide receiver, the coaches have surely offered him a chance as a kick and punt returner. To call him electric in those situations is an understatement of major proportions.

And, as always, Akina's reputation for putting players in the league helps, but the lack of a track record recruiting players out of Florida is concerning, to say the least -- scanning the rosters every three years back four decades produced not a single player from Florida who was clearly a major contributor at Texas, as defined by earning two or more letters. Only two players total surfaced, with one letter combined.

Suffice it to say that Texas hasn't ventured often -- or successfully -- into the only other comparable hotbed for recruiting in the country. With John Theus a target along the offensive line and 2013 safety Marcel Harris already having received a visit from Akina, it's possible that the new coaching staff is attempting to break into the state, at least when major needs can't easily be met within the Lone Star state. Pulling Agholor out will be a difficult task, as Florida and FSU are generally considered the leaders. Will the Texas visit at least throw the 'Horns into the mix? Stay tuned.