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Horns Must Come Through Losers Bracket Open Thread

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Entering Saturday, Texas was 25-0 when Taylor Jungmann started in Austin during his career. Jungmann was 17-0 in Austin and 13-0 on the year. Jungmann sailed through five innings, but just missed a strike three call to start the sixth then walked a batter, gave up a single that barely squeezed below his glove, a bloop single to left and then a grand slam that was the most unexpected shot we've ever seen TJ give up.

If Saturday's one rough inning is the last time we ever see Taylor Jungmann in burnt orange then it's a crying shame. Now it's up to the rest of the Horns to pick up their ace and ensure he's pitching again next weekend. It's worth noting that Saturday's 7-5 loss wasn't nearly as rough as Texas' 9-2 loss to Arkansas in the second game of the Austin regional in 2005, the last year Texas won a national championship. The slightly longer than expected trek begins tomorrow at 1:00 versus Texas State. We'd expect to see Cole Green followed by Hoby Milner (if Texas makes it that far) on the mound tomorrow.

If the Horns get there, they'd play Kent State in an elimination game on Monday night. It's a tougher route to take, but considering the number of quality arms that Texas has, it's certainly not an impossible mountain to climb. Video is here. Hook 'em.