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Longhorns Feature Prominently in MLB Draft

Six active Longhorns and six Longhorn signees have been drafted so far through 24 rounds of the MLB draft. We wouldn't expect to see any of the active guys back in burnt orange, although hopefully they'll have a few more weeks left to wear the uniform. Of the six signees, it's tough to say for sure, but the Horns should have a good chance of seeing up to four of them on the 40 Acres next year. In reality, Dylan Bundy is the only no-doubter to go pro. Blake Swihart going pro may be a tough sell, but the Boston Red Sox are one team that can afford to throw a lot of money at the 26th overall pick. Josh Bell's commitment to Texas led him to fall to the Pittsburgh Pirates at 61. The Pirates have spent a lot of money on Texas signees in the last few years, but we highly doubt they'll pay the 61st pick $6 million (Bell's alleged asking price). If he does sign it'll be because his asking price was a pseudo Scott Boras bluff, although he'd certainly sign for well above the suggested slot value if he does go pro.

The draft so far -- active Longhorns:

Taylor Jungmann - 1st round to Milwaukee Brewers.

Sam Stafford - 2nd round to New York Yankees.

Brandon Loy - 5th round to Detroit Tigers

Cole Green - 9th round to Cincinnati Reds

Andrew McKirahan - 21st round to Chicago Cubs

Tant Shepherd - 24th round to NY Mets


Dylan Bundy - 1st round to Baltimore Orioles

Blake Swihart - 1st round to Boston Red Sox

Josh Bell - 2nd round to Pittsburgh Pirates

Matt Dean - 13th round to Toronto Blue Jays

Dillon Peters - 20th round to Cleveland Indians

Connor Sadzeck (JUCO signee) - 11th round to Texas Rangers