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Bevo's Daily Roundup: Thursday, June 9


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


Thought for the day.

Before any more hand-wringing starts, read this. A former Texas walk-on talks about compliance on the 40 Acres. [Recruitocosm]

Every time ANOTHER SEC school gets busted giving cars or cash (or having an agent do it) to a player, they parade the usual suspects (Holtz, Meyer, Saban) onto ESPN where they cry crocodile tears about how HARD it is to keep track of 85 guys and what they do in their off time?


You have 85 players to go with 8 position coaches, 10 S&C coaches, 5 full time academic support personnel, 5 full time athletic trainers, 15 student assistant trainers, 5 guys on the film staff, 10 equipment managers, a recruiting coordinator, and 5 guys in your compliance office devoted to football. You can do the math on player-to-support personnel ratios, but it’s pretty obvious that if the people in a NCAA football program are paying one lick of attention and actually give a rip about playing by the rules, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a car (worth driving) that people in the program don’t know about. This "open secret" at Ohio State with cars ranging from free to ultimate sweetheart deals is unforgiveable.

And some more from Richard Justice. [Houston Chronicle]

At Texas, players essentially are told they can’t take anything. Not a dollar, a sandwich or a bowl of soup.

We have been relegated to a Big 12-2 afterthought. [ESPN]

In the Big 12, both Oklahoma State and Texas A&M will be considered prime challengers to Oklahoma. We'll see how they handle those expectations -- and how Texas handles being an afterthought.

Super Regional schedule. [NCAA]

Friday     7 p.m.  ET   Arizona State at Texas     ESPN
Saturday     7 p.m. ET    Arizona State at Texas     ESPN
Sunday     7 p.m. ET    Arizona State at Texas *     ESPN

We really need the baseball team to come through. [Austin American-Statesman]

Just in case Huston Street's wife is planning on telling a national radio audience something we didn't already know, Texas baseball represents the last hope for a 12-month period that hasn't met the lofty expectations established by previous clusters of great Texas sports teams.



The Land Thieves do not want USC's vacated title. [ESPN]

"I don't have any thoughts (on USC's situation) and we're not claiming any championships," Stoops said Wednesday night before meeting with fans at the university's Tulsa campus.

The BCS stripped the Trojans of their national title Monday for NCAA rules infractions involving extra benefits received by star Reggie Bush. Auburn and Utah also finished the 2004 season unbeaten.

Berry Tramel strikes another blow at the Land Thieves. [NewsOK]

The Cyclones are movin' on up. [Go Cyclones]

The Iowa Board of Regents approved a new $20.6 million football training facility on Wednesday that Rhoads hopes will solve the football program’s noise and space problems.

"We are just going to create an environment for our kids to develop and learn and rehab and so forth that will be on a level with other people," Rhoads said.

Concussions have ended the career of Sooner DT Daniel Noble. [NewsOK]

Finally, someone is happy. [Kansas City Star]

"We’re in great position certainly with another bite in the apple in four years with the other network for television," Alden said, referencing more anticipated revenue from a new ABC/ESPN contract that currently pays only $60 million to the league.

"I’m glad for all of us," Alden said. "For Tiger Nation, for Mizzou as an institution, for the Big 12.



Maybe giving back out of guilt?

Craig James and Eric Dickerson want to reward ethical, hard-working players. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Not the best way to begin a head coaching career. [Huntington Herald-Dispatch]

Meanwhile, (WV AD Oliver) Luck is busy trying to get permission to sell beer inside Mountaineer Field.

And, now, I think I know why.

Maybe, it's so (WV Head Coach In Waiting Dana) Holgorsen won't have to leave the stadium at halftime.

It is getting ugly in West Virginia. [Deadspin]

Auburn got to visit the White House. [ESPN]

Delany is shocked, shocked to find that cheating is going on in here!  Big 10 Commish Jim Delany is very, very disappointed in Jim Tressel and tOSU. [ESPN]


And finally...

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