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54b - OmBONsman

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what an ombudsman is or does. If we go by ESPN's definition, it's a guy that has an important sounding title, but no real power and is only responsible for listening to complaints and standing next to train wrecks so he can tell people, "nothing to see here, move along." Sounds about as fun as being the lost baggage desk jockey at the airport.

Regardless, if BON ever plans on unseating the World Wide Leader, we can't be showing up to the coronation one ombudsman short now can we?

So me, 54b, is dutifully and irreverently volunteering for the job and I invite you, cherished BONers, to send me questions, comments, complaints, rants, whatever's on your mind...I'm not a very smart man, but sometimes I know about, you know, stuff. I'll try to some answers once a week or once a month depending on how many questions I get.

Just don't send or forward me anything political, racial, illegal, etc. Oh and nothing solicitous either. I'm tired of having my heart broken by that cyber siren that keeps emailing me to say that "she want get no me more better because she think I am a specialty person." If I'm so special, why do I have to send so much money to get to know her. Plus, I don't even get a full body shot. 

Anyway, send it here:

That's right, there are two b's like in that children's book about elephants. 

Oh and if you want answers on recruiting, X's and O's or want to talk about actual sports stuff, post that over in the fan section or send it to Peter. He actually cares. Now, that said, if you want to discuss Peter's refusal to stop sporting the Justin Bieber hairdo because he's technically worn his hair like that since puberty and why should he have to change his hair on account of that no talent ass clown...well, you send that to me, 54b.

Is this a blatant rip-off the SportsGuy's mailbag and a cheap way to reach my posting quota? Likely.

But we still got to get thru August. What the hell else are we going to do?

Let me hear from ya.

PS. You're in the trust tree with me...if I answer your question online, I won't include your email address or actual name. Just tell me your BON member name.