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Rename the Big XII Conference

Anybody else getting tired of reading "Big 12-2" every time the conference is mentioned?

It's not just a name that bloggers use either. I've seen it written that way in the mainstream press as well. I get it. It's a passive aggressive reminder to Dan Beebe and the rest of the Big XII Politburo that size DOES matter and we aren't all that interested in letting a conference made of ten teams continue to live a lie.

That said, from a marketing perspective, I can certainly appreciate and understand why conference officials don't want to walk away from a decade of brand equity in the current name/logo (not to mention the costs of rebranding everything), particularly if there are already plans in the works to add a couple of teams in the near future. Moreover, it's not like the Big Ten hasn't already set a precedent by keeping their name despite years of having 11 teams and now 12.

Regardless, the fact remains that no matter how you quantify it, we've got ten teams and we're still referring to ourselves as the Big XII (the recent media days being a big fat reminder). And I'd rather see us embrace who we are than spend what days this conference has left apologizing for who we are not.

So I was thinking...we've got a lot of clever card carrying BON bastards always at the ready for another plum posting assignment. So what do you say we crowd source some potential new names for the Big XII?

I'm going with:

The Premiere Conference
The Tornado Alliance
Rocky Mountain East Conference (makes us sound big and less flat)
Big Balls and Cowtowns Conference

SCC - South Central Conference 

Yeah, we can do better. Let's hear some more. Or just tell me to quit crying and worrying about not being, you know, bigger.


PS. If you actually seen any articles where the Big XII has directly addressed whether or not it will change its name, please link to them too.