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Deadline to Sign MLB Draft Picks is Approaching

The summer has come and gone and we're just a few days from the deadline (midnight on August 15th) for high school seniors and college juniors to avoid college in the fall. There's been very little hard news on most of the Longhorns players and signees because, well, the negotiating rarely begins until the final week. Josh Bell remains the lynch pin for the 2012 class and season. If he comes to Texas, everything else that happens is lagniappe. If he doesn't, it'll take Jungmann and/or Stafford coming back to salvage some pre-preseason optimism. A quick look at who has signed and what's being reported about the rest after the jump.

P Dylan Bundy - No surprise that the top five pick hasn't signed with the Orioles yet, but it's likely only a matter of time for Bundy.
P Taylor Jungmann - Ditto Jungmann and the Brewers, no matter what Bohls says.
C Blake Swihart - Per Bohls, Swihart may sign to the tune of $2.5 million with the Red Sox. Most people think there's a slight chance he'll come to college.
OF Josh Bell - As noted above Bell remains the question mark for the 2012 Horns. He was
allegedly offered $4.25 million, we'll know soon whether the letter and summer enrollment were just a bargaining ploy. Things still look good, but who can blame the kid for taking so much money
P Sam Stafford - Seemed a no-brainer to be gone earlier when reports surfaced that the Yankees had reached an agreement with Stafford, but Bohls
reports there's been a snag ans Stafford remains unsigned. Getting the fireballer back would be a coup.
SS Brandon Loy - Signed with the Tigers.
P Cole Green - Signed with the Reds.
P Andrew McKirahan - Signed with the Cubs.
1B Tant Shepherd - Signed with the Mets.
P Stayton Thomas - Signed with the Rays.

3B Matt Dean - A tough signing for the Blue Jays that could go either way. We'd love to see him at Texas though.
P Dillon Peters - The Indians may have less money to spend on them if they lock Ubaldo Jiminez up to a long term deal. Who knows.
P Ricky Jacquez - Perhaps no player would be an immediate fan favorite (beyond Josh Bell) more than the 5'9" Jacquez. Some put the odds at 50/50 that he ends up in Burnt Orange.

Couldn't find an update on Kevin Lusson or Austin Dicharry and there's a fair chance that both will be back in Burnt Orange next year. Also couldn't find any information on P John Curtiss, but he should come to Texas.