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Realignment Sunday Open Thread: Taking The Cheese

Yummy yummy cheese!
Yummy yummy cheese!

This worked well last year, so we'll try it again this week.  Let's make this thread your one-stop shop for all things realignment-related today.  Rather than start new fan posts and stories every time news breaks -- and there's a chance news could be breaking quickly at various times during the day -- please add any insights and links you might have within this post rather than create separate threads which divide readers' attention.

As for what's happening . . . well, there's absolutely no chance in the world A&M to the SEC isn't happening, right?  I mean, there's no chance the Aggies won't be formally given that invitation which has been informally given them for over a year, and there's no chance Texas politicians won't scuttle the Aggies' dreams.  Or is there...

Meanwhile, I considered doing my own analysis here, but what Peter wrote well over a year ago still applies today.  Just go ahead and take that cheese, Aggies.  Nothing bad will happen to you!