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Bevo's Roundup: It is all about little brother

What would we do without little brother?

Today just made me laugh.

They won't talk about big ol' mean Texas. [Orangebloods]

On Monday afternoon, Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin is expected to receive the ability to make all decisions with regard to "conference alignment" at a meeting of A&M's board of regents.

A source close to Loftin said he will not talk about the Aggies' disatisfaction with Texas and the ESPN-run Longhorn Network at the committee hearing. Instead, he'll talk about the benefits to Texas A&M of moving to the SEC, including more national exposure and branding as part of the SEC and equal revenue sharing.

Will Aggies be the Dewey of college football?

Those damn lawyers. It is all legal maneuvering. [San Antonio Express-News]

My understanding is this is simply part of the (convoluted) legal process of A&M bolting the Big 12 for the SEC – that it must be documented that A&M courted the SEC, not vice versa, to avoid potential lawsuits. The A&M regents are still expected to hold a teleconference on Monday to discuss "conference alignment."

A&M makes a statement. [NBC Sports]

"As we have seen over the past several days, there has been a considerable amount of misinformation regarding these discussions and any associated timelines. The chairman of our board has indicated that the regents will proceed with tomorrow’s agenda item, which authorizes the president of Texas A&M to take all actions related to athletic conference alignment. I will also accept Chairman Branch’s invitation to participate in his committee’s hearing on Tuesday. These are extremely complex issues, and it is imperative that we proceed methodically and in the best interests of Texas A&M."

(In case you missed BillyZane's post on tortious interference, it is a must-read.)

Watching in Texas or watching Texas? [Gainesville Times]

Gearhart said the SEC presidents and chancellors are "very comfortable" with the 12-team alignment, financially and competitively. But he, too, said they wouldn't rule out expansion.

"If some other conference is going to make changes, it behooves us to take a look at that," said Gearhart.

He added: "I think everybody will sort of be watching what happens in Texas and what they do."


Mack would hate to see A&M leave. [ESPN]

"Number one, it's been a great rivalry with Texas and Texas A&M, so I hope it stays," Brown said.

"I hope -- I'm a traditionalist -- and I hate to see situations with universities that have played for hundreds of years break up," Brown added, with a subtle nod toward hyperbole. "And we're having a lot of league discussions over the last few years."

This is just a speed bump in the SEC road. [NY Times]

But the feeling is that this is a temporary speed bump on the way to Texas A&M’s eventually leaving the Big 12 to join the SEC. One high ranking SEC official referred to the news as a way for the conference to "tap the brakes" while Texas A&M "gets its house in order." The official added that the divorce process for the Aggies, who are part of the Big 12’s new television contract, was much more complicated than it was for Nebraska and Colorado when they left the conference last year.

Ultimately, the Aggies will decide their own fate. [Sporting News]

What does it all mean? Nothing has changed – Texas A&M still controls its conference destination. If the Aggies decide they want to stay in the Big 12, that’s where they’ll stay. If they decide they want to leave for the SEC, the SEC’s statement on Sunday all but assures Texas A&M of a spot in the league.

Kinda like that relationship with the SEC right now...

Today college football made sense. [Wall Street Journal]



And finally...

This always reminded me of Aggies.

Check back tomorrow for more rubbish stories about the Aggies' ongoing SEC saga.


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