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Texas House Committee on Higher Education Postpones Tuesday Hearing on Texas A&M

Only a day before the Texas House Committee on Higher Education planned on holding a hearing to question Texas A&M officials about the school's potential move to the SEC, committee chair Dan Branch announced that the hearing has been postponed but not re-scheduled.

Branch released this statement about the postponement:

Yesterday, Dr. Bernie Machen, on behalf of the Southeastern Conference Presidents and Chancellors, stated that the member institutions have, at least for the time being, reaffirmed their satisfaction with the present 12 institutional alignment.

While events may continue to evolve in the coming weeks, at this time, there is no immediate need to evaluate the merits of an athletic conference reconfiguration involving Texas A&M University and, potentially, other Texas public universities. If the current situation changes, our Committee is prepared to convene.

The decision suggests that the timetable for Texas A&M officially leaving the Big 12 conference and receiving an invitation to the SEC has been pushed back after the Sunday decision by SEC presidents not to move forward with expansion plans at this time.

Even with the Texas A&M Board of Regents meeting Monday afternoon to authorize President R. Bowen Loftin to make decisions related to the school's conference affiliation, the SEC will probably not make any official moves until the lawyers can resolve any potential lawsuits that would emerge from A&M's departure from the Big 12.

Until then, Texas A&M will remain an unhappy member of a conference hanging on the brink as the college football world anticipates the potential for massive realignment.