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Conference Realignment Rumors

I wouldn't respond to this with a full post, but I'm receiving emails asking about this article at Barking Carnival on realignment, so let's get a few things out there.  I've got a busy day at work so we'll keep this short and sweet.

To begin with, the poster's source may know Texas, but he's clueless about Notre Dame.  There is exactly a zero percent chance that Notre Dame would join the Big 12.  Literally: zero.  What *is* possible is something of an affiliation of independents.  And even, perhaps, Texas and Notre Dame both going to another conference, such as the Big 10 or Pac 16.  But there should be absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Notre Dame would never join the Big 12. Ever.

Second, while it is definitely the case that Texas wouldn't be displeased by A&M taking their tractors to the SEC, the idea that we're actively facilitating the move to happen in the next week doesn't make any sense. They have the rope in their hands and we're content to let the Aggies hang themselves in due course. We won't be shoving them off the stool; the politics don't make sense.  (And no, if/once they run away, we won't continue playing them.)

Most importantly, this is just a good time to note that this conference realignment stuff isn't the same thing as practice reports or recruiting information.  Conference realignment is a deeply complex and dynamic situation, with a lot of stakeholders and a lot of moving parts, and like all good high-stakes games of incomplete information, there's a lot of smoke, rumor, and misdirection out there.  I can't tell you how many times someone who gives me terrificly insightful information on practices or other things related to the football program will share with me what they're hearing on the realignment front and I just have to smile politely, nod, and thank them for sharing. 

With conference realignment, for the most part people do not know what they think they know.  Even well-connected folks.

UPDATE:  To be clear, that last paragraph applies to me, as well.  I don't claim to know everything that's going on.  I hear a lot of stuff, some of which could be correct, and some of which I feel certain is wrong.  I could see the Aggies announcing their departure to the SEC by the end of the month.  But I can't see Notre Dame joining the Big 12.  Now, or ever.