ESPN College Pick 'em Contest - BON Group

Hey BONizens, the long wait is over - let's play Pick 'em!


I have just created our BON group for ESPN College Football Pick 'em, so here's how to enter:

1) Click this link:


2) Click on "My Groups"  > "Join a Group".

3) Search for private group name = Burnt Orange Nation; password = bevo2011 (you can join up to three groups, but this one will be locked once the season starts).

4) Log in with your ESPN username and password, or create a new account.

5) Complete your entry for week 1 by Saturday 11:00 AM CDT.


These are straight picks (not against the spread) with confidence factors, 10 = most confident. The deadline each week is kick-off time for the earliest picked game, so don't miss it or you will get zero points for that week. Invite your friends and rivals.


Let's do this thing - good luck all!

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