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Texas A&M Says Good Bye to Big 12

Confirming speculation that the Aggies would announce their intent to depart the conference prior to Thursday, the date on which penalties for leaving could be more severe, Texas A&M officials announced that they are departing the Big 12. As of now, the Aggies have nowhere to go. Presumably, they believe an invitation to join the SEC is imminent.

So this is it, at least as conference mates. The Aggies join Nebraska in the crybaby, I'm-taking-my-ball-and-going-home hall of fame. I'm sure at some point I'll feel a little sadness about our going separate ways, but... right now it's like watching Little Red Riding Hood in real life, and I, for one, am looking forward to watching Texas A&M get devoured by SEC wolves.

There's plenty more to come in all this, but the question is now ripe: Do you want Texas to continue to play Texas A&M in football? Personally, given how and why they've decided to leave, I'm not interested in giving them a Super Bowl each Thanksgiving to potentially redeem another crappy season in the SEC.