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Mack Brown Coachspeak: "I Believe"

Mack Brown
Mack Brown

If you did not get a chance to watch the Texas head football coach back-to-camp presser today, you missed an opportunity to see our gray fox in action. Is there another coach more comfortable in front of a camera? Hardly. Mack is so smooth that you'd think the Q&A session was scripted. Maybe that is why we do not hear the questions presented by on-hand media.


Q: mumblemublemublemublemublemuble?

A: Well, we won't really know what we have until we know.

Q: mumblemublemublemublemublemuble?

A: I'm sorry, who are you again?

And so on.

In all seriousness, Mack has perfected answering questions about last years um, brain burp of a season.

It never fails that he will be asked, and usually up front, about the disastrous 2010 season, quarterback leader in the clubhouse, depth chart, etc. And today we saw basically the same. There really were no probing questions to speak of except a few thrown at him late in the interview session that were out of the box and found him somewhat off guard. One in particular caught my attention.

Q: mumblemumble What do you believe in mumblemumblemumble?

Mack Brown then lined them up and knocked them down.

I believe in love at first sight and running the goddam footbaw.

I believe in dogs, muscle cars, and winning the turnover Armageddon.

I believe in protecting the football and knocking heads with Big 12 AD's not named Dodds.

I believe in protecting my homestead in a very physical manner when required. I also believe in physical football.

I believe in mom, apple pie, Chevrolet, and allowing my linebackers to roam free and Bomar every quarterback at the D-1 league level.

I believe in man coverage when I blitz if I can and I believe in zone coverage when I blitz only if Will Muschamp is not my DC or if I have absolutely no confidence in my defensive backfield. Oh, and Bob Stoops can sux it.

I believe in gramma's country fried biscuits and an old fashioned a** whipping along with matriculating the ball in a manner that obliterates the opposition's willingness to hang tough in triple digit temps.

And above all, I believe in Mack Brown's ability to sell ice to an Eskimo not named Joe.

And so on....

@BraggBobby hit it out of the park with his tweeting Mack's rant reminded him of Crash Davis' monologue in Bull Durham (Parents, this is rated mature for our younger viewers).

Yes, Mack, I believe.

It's showtime for 2011 football.

Hook ‘em.