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Texas Football 2011 Season Preview Video

Texas Longhorn Football Preview 2011 (Extended Rocky Version) (via BigQB3313)

h/t to horns1025...

Fantastic video compilation that parallels the current state of Longhorn football to one Rocky Balboa.  I recall watching Rocky get back up and fight Apollo Creed to a draw. You would have thought what was happening on the screen was real life. Everyone, I mean everyone, in the theater was on their feet with arms raised high and cheering to the tops of their lungs for the underdog. That was one of the all time greatest theatrical moments in the last 40 years.  Will the 2011 season be one we look back on and rank in the same breath?  Who knows. 

But one thing we all know is true, we might be down but don't ever count us out. 

Hook 'em