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Texas Hangs Tough in 2nd Half vs BYU - Wins 17-16

Texas beats BYU 17-16 as Mack Brown celebrates with players post game. (<em>Courtesy of</em>
Texas beats BYU 17-16 as Mack Brown celebrates with players post game. (Courtesy of

In a night which started out going the wrong way, your Texas Longhorns hung tough in the second half and managed a squeaker at DKR.  This is the first time the Texas Longhorns have beaten BYU.

The defense is POG.  No question.  Everyone deserves Big Hat awards.  Drinks all around.

And it looks like the Garrett Gilbert era may have come to an end.  If so, we honor him for his hard work and effort and lift him up as a Longhorn.  Horns up for Garrett.

The first half was an offensive regression from the Rice game.  Nothing the Horns did seemed to phase the BYU Cougars who came into the game with high hopes.  The interceptions were like daggers to the team.  The coaches are to be congratulated for having the courage to change quarterbacks.

Hats off to the BYU effort tonight.  But it appeared the Texas heat plus humidity finally took its toll on the big guys.

Coach Brown said after the game that his guys refused to lose.  He was especially complimentary of the fans.  They pulled real hard just like his team.  He acknowledge they are not a good football team but proud the guys fought hard to pull out the win.

His demeanor on the sideline tonight was night and day from last year.  He commented that he quit coaching at halftime during the UCLA game.  Got down on his players during halftime.  Not tonight.  He was fighting hard and leading with emotion.

"We are all about winning", Mack Brown stated.  "Doesn't matter how we get it done regardless of how many plays it takes and what shape they come in." 

Coach Brown said he "spent a lot prayers tonight".

He thanked the fans and said that is what helps his team continue to fight.  It's what helps recruiting.  And it especially helps the team win.

So pop a few more libations BONizens.  This is your celebration thread.

Hook 'em