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BYU Game as "Texts from Last Night"

As a young attorney, I'm still pretty new to the professional workforce. In fact, I've only been at my office for a couple of months. Until this past week, I've never experienced the scenario in which one of my coworkers went to a school that was playing Texas in football. Like everyone else, I've dealt with football games against the schools of my friends, law school classmates, and even some of my relatives. But this was different. This felt more formal. Something had to be done. And, after a brief conversation, something *was* done. We made a bet. The loser would have to place a helmet of the winning team on their desk for a week. Everything seemed simple enough. But, as Lord Tennyson once said, "this [bet] ought to have been simple, but the lawyers have made it complicated."

As word of the bet got around, others wanted to get a piece of the action. Considering my position carefully, I decided to ask myself what 54b would do and then follow his lead. So, as the week went on, I bet bigger and bigger. Money was never involved, but something far more important was at stake...pride. With absolutely no real confidence that Texas was going to win the game--to me, it seemed like a real coin-flip--I wound up agreeing to bets that would be pretty obnoxious if we lost. But we didn't lose. We won. We won by a single, glorious point. Which is why one of my coworkers will be walking around the office tomorrow with a gigantic UT flag draped over his shoulders. Hey, as 54b says (or should say), it isn't a *real* bet until somebody is getting naked, getting drunk, or wearing a cape.

Anyways, after the jump, and in the spirit of, I wanted to share some of my text conversations during the game with the BON always, a few of these entries were contributed by other BON authors.

(xxx): Are we going to win?

(xxx): Maybe.

(xxx): Are you going to work on Monday if we dont?

(xxx): Maybe.

(xxx): What is the TV broadcast saying about the crowd?

(xxx): Not much. Talking about the heat mostly.

(xxx): We just learned BYU drank pickle juice and Texas ate gummi bears.

(xxx): ....

(xxx): Man, they just showed the lowlight package of the 2010 season. That was soul-crushing.

(xxx): Did they show clips from the ISU loss?

(xxx): They showed it all.

(xxx): Did you know that Bevo likes hay?

(xxx): I cant even imagine how much I'm going to hate that commercial in another two months.

(xxx): DBU is making us look pretty bad, so far.

(xxx): DBU?

(xxx): Sorry, my phone is stupid.

(xxx): Although...BYU does have two picks already.

(xxx): you think most Texas fans were taking BYU lightly this week?

(xxx): Absolutely not. In fact, most of my friends were openly predicting a loss.

(xxx): We're getting outplayed so far. Straight up.

(xxx): Should have drank pickle juice instead of eating those gummi bears

(xxx): Can you hear the booing?

(xxx): Yes. Tell those idiots around you to shut the (heck) up.

(xxx): This booing is (ridiculous).

(xxx): Yup. Tell those idiots around you to shut the (heck) up.

(xxx): Why are people booing?

(xxx): I dont know. Someone needs to tell those idiots around you to shut the (heck) up.

(xxx): Was the illegal substitution penalty for using Case McCoy instead of David Ash?

(xxx): 88 yards of offense in the first half tonight. Eighty-eight.

(xxx): We'll see how Harsin adjusts. Remember what LonghornScott says about him. Diagnosis and prescription.

(xxx): Malcolm Brown is so much better than Fozzy

(xxx): It's not even close.

(xxx): Sad part is the muppet is a senior.

(xxx): How much to get Mr. and Mrs. Shipley back in the bedroom?

(xxx): Jaxon and Jordan need to have lots of kids.

(xxx): For sure. In fact, Jaxon needs to go the Aaron Ross route and marry a sprinter.

(xxx): Wait...are we actually going to win this thing?

(xxx): The D is just KILLING them in the second half

(xxx): Yeah, our coordinators have been pretty awesome this half.

(xxx): Getting a tick too conservative here (Ed. Note: This was immediately followed by the Shipley pass to Ash)

(xxx): Haha. Never mind. Well played, Harsin. I shan't disparage you again.

(xxx): I love Ashlewhite.

(xxx): Do we call this the C-ash offense?

(xxx): Well, only if you're saying that the running game has been money...

(xxx): We're officially running the McAsh offense designed by Harsinwhite

(xxx): We're gonna win with it, too.

(xxx): Man, that was truly pulling victory from the jaws of defeat

(xxx): Or, stated another way, that was exactly the opposite of last year.

(xxx): BYU fans kick the nice out of Nebraska fans by a mile

(xxx): Ash has 36 yards rushing, 23 yards receiving, and....35 yards passing.

(xxx): And we needed every single one of them.

(xxx): So, who starts at QB in Week 3?

(xxx): McAsh.

(xxx): Texas Longhorns - 2013 National Champions

As always, feel free to contribute your own conversations below...

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