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Texas High School Football, Under the Lights : Week 3

Friday Night Lights Speech & Prayer (via goSoutherNcal)


Permian doesn't get enough publicity so I thought I'd help them out (insert sarcasm). Let this thread serve as the Friday and Saturday Night Lights thread. More after the jump. 

I was out in West Texas during Rice Weekend tending to some business and talking to some of the locals. One old timer wanted to talk nothing but Permian Football, despite the fact that we were in Midland. We talked about Permain's opponent from Bethel, Washington. Yes Washington as in the Pacific Northwest. I asked him why the hell did they schedule that? Well it turns out that Bethel has played Permian 2 consecutive years at Ratliff Stadium. Bethel traveled over 2,000 miles for a high school football game. Why? Because the Bethel players and coaches fell in love with Friday Nights Lights, the television show, movie and book, and wanted to play the real Permian Panthers. The community of Bethel raised tens of thousands of dollars to charter flights and buses to bring their team and fans to a small city in West Texas, again for one high school football game. 

Texas High School Football is special, and it extends beyond the borders of our great state. The lure is so powerful that teams will travel thousands of miles, and spend tens of thousands of dollars,  just to be able to say that they played a high school football game in Texas. 

No televised games of note this week. 


Featured games and players: 

DeSoto vs. Round Rock Stony Point Friday 7:30 pm @ Kelly Reeves Stadium 

It seems like I highlight a DeSoto game every week, and it's no accident. It's product of excellent scheduling and on field talent. 2013 DeSoto RB Dontre Wilson continues to barn storm his way across Texas. Wilson probably won't face an opponent faster than himself until he plays his first college game. Texas commits OG Curtis Riser and CB Bryson Echols look to continue their solid senior seasons. Stony Point is always well coached and a proud program. Should be a good game, but I don't see anybody seriously challenging DeSoto until the playoffs. 


Beaumont Westbrook @ Katy Saturday 6:00 pm @ Jack Rhodes Stadium 

This game is available via online streaming video. Link: 

A very tough test for Westbrook and Texas commit DE / TE Caleb Bluiett. Bluiett continues to be a jack of all trades. He has played TE, DT, DE and now MLB for the Bruins. Westbrook faces a very salty Katy team lead by 2013 RB target Adam Taylor. Taylor is hard to miss at 6'2'' 200 pounds, and is a bruising runner. Should be an interesting game to watch Bluiett against top, top competition. I expect Katy to win. 


Top match ups by area: 


Beaumont Westbrook @ Katy 



DeSoto @ Stony Point 


San Antonio 

Lake Travis @ Kerrville Tivy 

Lake Travis comes off a big win over Aledo last week and will get a stern test from offensive machine Kerville Tivy. The Antlers haven't lost a step since losing all everything quarterback Johnny Manziel to graduation. This game is several national upset alert lists. I hope the Cavs are ready for this tough road game. 



Mesquite @ Denton Ryan Friday 7: 00 pm

Denton Ryan gets a good test from a 5A opponent. Will the Denton Ryan offense continue to improve as their defense dominates? Texas commit LB Alex De La Torre looks to prove naysayers wrong leading an unbelievably talented Ryan defense featuring FSU commit DE Mario Edwards and TAMU commit LB Jordan Richmond


Enjoy all of this week's games. 

Feel free to chat about the games here and update this thread with scores from around the state. 

Meet me back here on Sunday at 5 pm for  Sundays with Bill. We'll talk UCLA, realignment and recruiting.