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Bevo's Daily Dump: Alignment Run Amok 11:50 Update


It is all about rumor mongering and gossip today.

9:17 AM

Just move on, nothing to see here. Larry Scott was at the UCLA-Texas game, but nothing was discussed. [Dallas Morning News] Right...

And so it goes. [New York Times]

The Atlantic Coast Conference announced Sunday morning that it had unanimously voted to accept Pittsburgh and Syracuse as members.

Missouri to the SEC? [Columbia Tribune]

Chaos is the new normal. [Wall Street Journal]

"In all my years of athletics administration, I've never seen this level of uncertainty," ACC commissioner John Swofford said. "Schools are looking for stability, and as long as that stability doesn't exist, the conferences that appear to be stable moving forward are going to receive inquiries."

This is all just one big money grab and a complete distraction. [Los Angeles Times]

"It's a big distraction," Pacific 12 Conference Commissioner Larry Scott conceded as he held court (again) in another press box (again), answering questions that have nothing to do with football (again). "It's regrettable this is a distraction to what's happening on the field."

Just when TCU thought they had everything under control. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

But it is happening, with the Big 12 at the epicenter of what could be a national shake-up that touches multiple leagues and impacts TCU, which joins the Big East starting in 2012-13

"I'm never surprised by anything in college athletics today," TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte said. "There are so many moves across the board."

Independence definitely has its advantages. [Chicago Tribune]

If you are bored...Play the conference realignment game! [The Business of College Sports]


9:45 AM

One big money grab. [Sporting News]

Moving to the ACC could destroy the Pitt basketball program. [Sporting News]

More on realignment and basketball. [ESPN]

The SEC and Big 10 are still the big dogs in all of this. [Sporting News]

Rutgers will not be denied their time in all this realignment chaos. [Sporting News]


11:50 AM

They like us, they just aren't going to bend over backwards to get us to join. [Dallas Morning News]

Rock M Nation is also keeping tabs. [Rock M Nation]

Who is next? [CBS Sports]

The Texas Regents are meeting to authorize a vote. [ESPN]

Note to Deloss...I say we just jump right in. []


And finally...

I would rather go East just because of my personal preferences, but I know what would be best for Texas.

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