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Texas Football Recruiting 2013: Thirsty Thursdays, 2013 Middle Linebackers

Brett Wade #23 Kennedale MLB (via kennedalecat15)

Introducing 2013 Kennedale ILB Brett Wade

Texas will start 3 OLBs on Saturday against Rice. Hicks is probably a more natural MLB than Kennan Robinson, but Texas will dance with one that brought them. Steve Edmond is Texas' only true MLB. Obviously there's a need for one or two MLBs in the 2013 class. Brett Wade and Paul Whitmill are at the top of the list. 

Brett Wade Scouting Report: 

Wade is listed 6'2'' 215  pounds and runs a 4.71 40. A couple things jump out at me watching Wade's film. When Wade hits the ball carrier he stops all their forward motion. Stopper, doesn't do the young man justice. Wade makes a violent form tackles, wraps up, drives his feet and takes the ball carrier off their feet. Wade plays his assignment, plugs the hole and makes the stop, at , near or behind the line of scrimmage. What more can you ask for from a MLB? 

In 2010, Wade made 124 tackles, 9 tackles for a loss, and 5 sacks. Pretty outstanding for a sophomore LB playing at the 3A level. 

Wade is so appealing as a prospect because he's a lean 6'2'' 215 pounds. There's room to grow into a 250 pound tackling machine. Wade reminds me of Derek David without the criminal jacket. 

Brett Wade Outlook 

With the Aggies move to the SEC, linebackers and defensive tackles will be at a premium. Aggie will be transitioning from the spread offense of the Big 12 to smash mouth football of the SEC. Aggie will likely make Wade a priority if they are unable to flip Dalton Santos. 

It's very early for Wade,he is just now emerging. Wade doesn't currently hold any offers. Wade didn't camp at Texas this summer, but not many linebackers did. No 2013 in state linebacker is a lock for a Junior Day invite other than perhaps Paul Whitmill. I believe Manny Diaz and the Texas staff will take most of the spring evaluation period to start offering linebackers. I don't think we'll see any Dalton Santos like misses during the 2013 recruiting cycle. 

Update 9/12:  Per Hook Em 247, Wade attended the BYU game with a teammate. The visit went well. Coach Chambers visited Kennedale during the spring evaluation period. Wade's coach told Hook Em 247 that Texas was after Wade "hard." 

Paul Whitmill Outlook

Whitmill is listed at 6'1'' 200 pounds and runs in the 4.5 range. Whitmill has the best film of any 2013 defensive player I have seen so far. Whitmill is just an explosive hitter. He can penetrate, blow up the ball carrier and play sideline to sideline. If Wade compares favorably to Derek David, Whitmill compares favorably to Corey Nelson. The concern with Whitmill is his frame. Some believe Whitmill is closer to 5'11'' than his listed 6'1." Whitmill plays huge in his film, but he looks slight in pictures. I think there's room for Whitmill to fill out his frame, but I think 230 -235 pounds range is Whitmill's max weight. As I said, Whitmill plays bigger than he is, and has a good wingspan. 

Whitmill explodes towards the line of scrimmage and has a great first step. He has the first step and speed off the edge to play OLB at the next level. Whitmill plays well in space, sheds blockers well and hits like a truck. 

Whitmill has other tangibles to overcome his size. The film doesn't lie. Corey Nelson doesn't have ideal size either, and he's starting for top ranked Sooners as a sophomore. Now for the cliched it's not the size of the dog in a fight, but it's the size of the fight in the dog. Whitmill can play. Period. 

Whitmill will likely join his Bastrop teammate Antwuan Davis as top 100 national recruit. Whitmill is also playing running back for the Bears. 

I think Whitmill can play MLB at Texas because he is a tackling machine and uses his speed to overcome his size. That being said, Texas would have to cover up Whitmill with big DTs. Whitmill can certainly man the middle in passing downs. Of course, Whitmill can also play OLB at Texas. 

Paul Whitmill Outlook

OU has been the leader for Whitmill for some time, but TCU and Aggie have gained ground. OU was the first school to recruit Whitmill. Whitmill currently holds offers from  TCU, SMU, Wake Forest and Baylor.

Texas is trailing, but a lot can happen in the next year.  Texas has visited Bastrop to inquire about Whitmill. Whitmill lived in Austin for a time and has said Austin feels like home. Whitmill also said he would give Texas a look if the Horns offered. Texas was invited to, but did not attend Texas summer camps. 

Whitmill honestly seems a little indifferent about his recruitment. He seems most comfortable with OU at this time, but I think there's time to make up ground. An early commitment from Antwuan Davis would certainly help. 


The emergence of Wade gives me some hope that Texas might be able to find an excellent in state MLB for 2013. Again, this is not a deep position for Texas and they likely need at least one if not two MLBs in the 2013 class. I believe the coaching staff will be very selective offering OLBs. 

In my opinion, Whitmill is a take all the way. He'll need to find a position at Texas, but Manny Diaz is more than capable of finding the best place for Whitmill. 

I'll have a Texas High School Football Under the Lights Week 1 preview tomorrow, and of course Sundays with Bill at 5 pm. 

I'll leave y'all with Paul Whitmill's highlights. I can't post his film enough. Pretty damn good for Whitmill's first varsity season: 

2010 Paul Whitmill Highlights.flv (via noslo16)