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Bevo's Daily Dump: Alignment Run Amok Day 2, 12:20 Update


It is all about rumor mongering and gossip today.

10:10 AM

Do the Land Thieves even know what status quo means? [San Antonio Express-News]

Although both UT president Bill Powers and OU president David Boren said remaining in the Big 12 remains a possibility, Boren said "the status quo is certainly not stable."

"I would say that the principal focus, beyond the Big 12 itself — which is still a focus for us — is the Pac-12," Boren said.

Change is very, very hard. Mack Brown does not want to move. [USA Today]

"I think the University of Texas wants to stay in the Big 12," Brown said. "I want us to stay in the Big 12 because its about our players and our players' parents have a better chance to see them play if we're in a regional conference. Our high school coaches have a better chance to see them play. That's where my concern would be. I know Texas would love to see the Big 12 stay together."

Dan Beebe knew this day would come. [Sports Illustrated]

Will the Big 12-53 merge with the Not-So Big East? [ESPN]

The sources said that if Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State were to leave the Big 12 and the five remaining schools do not have an opportunity to join the ACC, SEC or Big Ten, the Big 12 would move to absorb remaining Big East schools -- not the other way around.

The University of Kansas Board is meeting. [Kansas City Star]

The rest of the conference does have options. [Kansas City Star]

UConn really, really, really wants the ACC to like them! [ESPN]

Nothing will stop the BCS. [Nooga]

As the dizzying carousel of conference realignment scatters college athletic departments to new leagues across the country, the NCAA’s reshaped landscape won’t alter the much-maligned Bowl Championship Series, according to the organization’s president.  

"I don’t envision that because the same people who constantly support the BCS will be a part of those conferences," BCS executive director Bill Hancock told  "I don’t see anything about the possibility of conference realignment changing how people feel about postseason football."

NCAA President Mark Emmert isn't so happy about the shake-up. [USA Today]

"If conferences wind up doing that," Emmert said, "they're going to have to sit and work through what that really means for a volleyball team, to have to travel 1,500 miles in the middle of the week. Moving young men and women around in the middle of the week or over extended weekends, over those kinds of distances, is pretty hard to square with support for the academic success of students.

"At the same time, it brings enormous cost. Is it going to actually net out more money by the time you have to charter planes to move students all over the place? The logic of some of that needs to be taken into consideration."

So much for the Valero Bowl. [San Antonio Express-News]


12:20 AM

It is. Do you know where your college football team is? [Wall Street Journal]

For some schools, this game of musical chairs could present a serious problem: What if they run out of chairs?

The general consensus is that the Big 12 may not survive without Oklahoma and Texas. There's also concern that the Big East has been hobbled by the ACC's weekend raid. The remaining members of the Big 12 and Big East have begun looking for safe landing

Rejection is tough. [NBC Sports]

Multiple Big East sources have told Brett McMurphy of CBSSports — the man on the forefront of Syracuse/Pitt shuffle — that WVU officials have said both the SEC and the ACC have rejected the school’s application for membership.

Off-topic, but just one more scandal in the Redneck Conference. SEC! SEC! SEC! [Athlon Sports]

And speaking of which...Beergut is thinking about realignment and I'm sure he would like your input. [I Am The 12t Man]


And finally...

HBO's Real Sports is airing an investigative report on the college football Bowl System tonight at 9pm CT, 10pm ET. 


I will update during the day, as my schedule allows. I just hate it when my job gets in the way of college football realignment.

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