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This week's Pro BONo ad brought to you by the makers of "Vitaminzyte B12 - The secret to Natural Conference Enhancement.


Sure, being 8 or 9 deep seems like it would be big enough, but to all those network executive whores, it’s just the tip. But don’t worry, with Vitaminzyte B-XII, you‘ll see immediate results. In fact, in some cases, we’ve seen the size of a conference almost double over night.

Don’t spend another sleepless season wondering if the insecure teams in your conference are out flirting with other commissioners. Because guess what, they are.

Call to get your free trial supply of Vitaminzyte B-XII today.

Legal: Not for use by non-AQ conferences (or the Big East). Side effects include nausea, diarrhea, low network distribution, removal of conference commissioner and in some rare cases, law suits from bitter Baptists.

Formerly endorsed by Dan Beebe.

Full graphic version here.