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Pac-12 Never Wanted Oklahoma Schools Without Texas

Remember that one time when OU thought that they were in control and Texas might have to follow or get left behind? Yeah, that was fun.

The Sooners were all like, "Look at how important we are," and "Hey, Texas, we're gonna kick you to the curb if you aren't careful!"

But then Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott was all like, "Yeah, you're okay and stuff, but I really just wanted to get with your hot friend Texas and that's not really working right now, so I think we're cool."

And then OU was all like, "We never really wanted to go out west anyway, we were just trying to out-leverage the Big 12."

And then everyone was all like, "Pshaw! As if!"

And then OU just kept on spinning and spinning around in circles and just wouldn't give up and then got dizzy and just kind of collapsed in a heap.

And then OU just looked stupid, but it was cute that they thought they were so important, so it was kind of hard to be mad, because, hey, everyone wants to feel important, right? But not everyone can be that important, so then it was just kind of sad.

The end.