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Bevo's Roundup: Bye-Bye Aggies


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


We need a No. 3. [AAS]

The chance of John Paul Floyd becoming another Randy McEachern is slim.

But the fact there is a Randy McEachern in Longhorns football lore at all emphasizes that the chance, at least, exists.

The Cyclones are getting ready for the Horns. [Go Cyclones]

"They aren’t really vanilla," linebacker Jake Knott said. "They have Boise State’s old offensive coordinator, and he does a tremendous job using their strengths to their advantage. It’s so hard to prepare for because there are so many different formations and they use their players in so many different ways."

It is tough being short. [The Gazette]

ISU starting right cornerback Jeremy Reeves could have received a scholarship offer from Texas, but for one thing.

"(Longhorns coach Mack Brown) said if I was a little bit taller they would have got me," said the 5-foot-7 Reeves, a junior who has played in all but two games since arriving in Ames in 2009. "That’s the case for everybody else, but I guess I have to prove everybody wrong."

Everyone is so, so sad. [AAS]

To a man and presumably a woman if I had asked one on Monday, everyone will be sad to see the Texas-Texas A&M football game go.

Mack Brown's sad. So's Mike Sherman. Bevo's sad. Reveille's sad. Heck, I'm sad.

"It's a great rivalry and I hate to see it go," Texas guard David Snow said. "If it goes away, we'll have another game that's important too."

Important, maybe. Imperative, not a chance.

Deloss Dodds likes the idea of a playoff. [Business Insider]



It was a good win for the Sooners. [Tulsa World]

The Sooners gave up 532 yards to the Tigers and dropped to No. 2 in this week’s AP Top 25. OU stayed at No. 1 in the coaches poll (part of the BCS standings, which come out in mid-October), which may reflect the notion that coaches respect the victory and don’t overreact to statistics and margins of victory.

"Sorry we didn’t play perfect," Stoops said. "But at the end of the day, it’s a good win."

Bob Stoops wasn't happy. [NewsOK]

There is good news and bad news for the Cowboys. [NewsOK]

Mike Gundy strikes again. [Lost Lettermen]



Most people with low self-esteem have earned it. - George Carlin [ESPN]

Now that Texas A&M has officially moved to the Southeastern Conference, maybe the Aggies' self-esteem will improve.

It was just another typical Aggie meltdown. [Barking Carnival]

This week, we join Mike Sherman and Texas A&M’s coaching staff in a classic meltdown of the "Let’s stop doing what was working just to see what happens?" variety while Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy contributes a mid-4th quarter infusion of illogic guised as conventional wisdom to nearly throw the game for Oklahoma State.

Please don't beg. [TexAgs]

A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne

Would hate to give up the Texas series. It's 117 years we've been competing. We want to continue to play them. That is such a storied tradition and we would like to continue that.

We started the Lone Star Showdown when I first came here, and that is competition in every sport. We've become reasonably competitive these days and we'd like the competition with Texas to continue in all sports.

The Aggies need to annoy find some new friends. [I Am The 12th Man]



So much for football. [Tulsa World]

Coaches continue to get asked about, and talk about, what is happening to the conference.

We are the Big 12. The conference needs 12 teams. [NewsOK]

The illusion that 10 schools could work. That swimming upstream in the second decade of the century was the way to go.

Old school is fun to wear on a T-shirt. It's not any way to live life. Progress or regress. Those are this conference's options.

And now that the schools in this Big 12 chain gang are stuck with each other, might as well make the best of it.

Best is 12. Not 10. Twelve.

We have big problems if Missouri leaves. [Sports Illustrated]

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel still isn't enamored of the Big 12-3. [Kansas City Star]

If certain changes — equal revenue sharing for Big 12 football broadcasts and limitations on content for Texas’ Longhorn Network — cannot be made to Missouri’s satisfaction, then Pinkel has intimated that Mizzou should leave for the Southeastern Conference or another BCS league. That contention was reinforced Monday to The Star by sources in and out of the MU administration.

The Jayhawks are just trying to find themselves. [University Daily Kansas]

"From our perspective we’re probably trying to find our identity on more of the defensive standpoint," Gill said. "We’re figuring out our personnel and what our guys can do."

It’s tough to argue with Gill, as the Kansas defense has given up an average of 44 points per game this season.

Defense and the kicking game are concerns for Missouri. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Bill Snyder keeps everyone guessing. [Topeka Captial-Journal]

The Bears just won't let it go. [Dr. Saturday]



The BCS two-team conference limit may change. [Sports Illustrated]

Where the heck is that playoff? [Yahoo Sports]

Superconferences benefit no one. Not the current members, not the new ones, not the coaches, not the players and certainly not the fans. They are arranged marriages of convenience designed to stave off the tumult in college athletics and maximize future revenues, essentially making the rich slightly richer in ways few will notice. They wreck traditions. They cast aside rivalries. They so gerrymander geography, politicians blush.

The uncertainty of the wild weeks that have seen college affiliations and loyalties shift again has created a similar feeling across the country among the many administrators, coaches and commissioners I’ve spoken with: It stinks. It’s ugly. It’s unnecessary.

North Carolina to the SEC? [Business of College Sports]

This isn't good. You will recognize a name in this article. [Rocky Top Talk]

An SEC graduate reads? The guy who refuses to rank Texas compares the top 25 to literary classics. [Sports Illustrated]

A Sooner is not happy with ESPN's role in conference realignment. [Columbia Journalism Review]

Who are the biggest losers in conference realignment? [CNBC]


And finally...

This a great article on Dan Shipley, grandfather of Jordan and Jaxon Shipley. [San Antonio Express News]

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