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Fun Facts About ISU Quarterback Steele Jantz

Editor's Note: Amusingly, 54b came up with this post without knowing that our friends over at the hilarious and irreverent Iowa State blog Wide RIght & Natty Lite have been doing Steele Jantz Facts for the past couple weeks, as well. This is a great time to note that they've migrated their hilarity over to SB Nation. Head on over to WR&NL and enjoy the ruckus. --PB-- 

In honor of UT's upcoming game against undefeated Iowa State and the Cyclone's Tim-Tebow-esque signal caller, I thought it only appropriate that we get to know Steele Jantz a little better.

Did you know that...

Steele Jantz entered his name into the Porn Star Name Generator and it came back, Steele Jantz.

Chuck Neinas sends Steele Jantz a cookie bouquet every day hoping he'll stay in the Big XII.

Steele Jantz farts magic tornados.

"If you build it, he will come" actually refers to ISU's new Jumbotron and Steele Jantz.

Steele Jantz has his own show on the Longhorn Network

Erin Andrews won't interview Steele Jantz because he makes her look like Shelley Smith.

More after the jump...

Foster the people better outrun Steele

After the entire ISU team got free Steele Jantz tattoos, the NCAA put itself on probation.

Steele Jantz's replica red and yellow football jersey comes with fries and a medium Coke.

The Big 10 changed the names of its two divisions from Legends and Leaders to Steele and Jantz. (hat tip, Jeff)

The committee voted to give Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy to Steele Jantz.

Steele Jantz already won the Iowa Primary...both caucuses.

A&M went to the SEC because Steele Jantz wore a steel wool blazer to Big XII Media Day.

Steele Jantz told the equipment manager that he was not a fan of "red socks" in early September...coincidence, not likely.

The Pac 12 will not take Oklahoma without Steele Jantz.

Steele Jantz made Demi Moore actually consider marrying another guy from Iowa.

Tim Tebow's accuracy improved after he put on a What Would Steele Jantz Do bracelet.

Please feel free to add your own Steele Jantz fun facts below.