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College Football 2011 - Opening Day Thread

Finally at last game day is here! And just in the nick of time as I was getting pretty tired of discussing the seedy, business side of our favorite pastime. 

Let this be your open thread for all things college football.

Who you got in today's games?  Dimecoverage posted a handy dandy quick reference TV schedule so pick out one or two games from the huge smorgasbord of football options.  I will be watching UCLA and Cougar High and tonight will have my eyes glued to the OU / Tulsy matchup (Oklahoma oldtimers refer to that town in a homey manner).  I like UCLA and OU but think both will be in for a bit of a fight.

Unfortunately I am not optimistic about watching the Longhorn game on the internet or on TV.  So Craig Way streaming might be my only option.  In any case, I am probably in the minority but predict a breakout game for our crew in a redeeming blowout 45-17.

So get your beer chilled and your favorite finger foods handy.  College football 2011 has finally arrived.