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Texas Overwhelms Rice 34-9: Celebration Thread

Your Texas Longhorns got their first win of the new season against the Rice Owls by a score of 34-9.  While Rice is not a BCS contender by a long shot, they played tough and should be very proud...of their first half effort.  The Texas Coaching staff gets a lot of credit for making half time adjustments, mostly with personnel grouping, that gave the Longhorns a big advantage in the second half.

Was very impressed with Gilbert in spite of a few bad decisions and mistakes here and there.  He and Mike Davis are going to be fun to watch this season once they get the fly timed correctly.

Concerned about our defensive line play.  Not sure if it was scheme or talent but Rice seemed to have their way with that squad for most of the game.

Overall I'd grade the team at a B+ because of the Malcolm Brown coming out party.  In only one half of play, here is the stat line: 16 carries for 86 yards and trails Taylor, Charles, and Williams for 4th most all time opening game yards for a freshman.

Next week will be a stiffer test as the Horns take on BYU at DKR.

Let this be your celebration thread.

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