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Texas Football 2011: Mack Brown Monday Press Conference - Week 1

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Mack Brown will meet the press this morning at 11:00 a.m. local time. As with all of his pressers, you can watch the streaming action live on TexasSports.TV.

As I indicated in last week's preview, Mack Brown is all bidness this year with the media. While still affable in his folksy demeanor, he is certainly exhibiting a laser focus that has been absent in recent years. Coach wants to win, y'all. And he is dead serious.

Expect an honest assessment of the things he liked and the areas the team needs to improve. Also expect very little in the way of singling out players and more attention to team with much of the bullet points directed toward his respective coordinators. No more entitled platitudes. Just straight shooting talk like he sees it.

Highlights to ponder as you get ready for the presser thread:

  • Freshmen, freshmen, freshmen everywhere.
  • Lack of turnovers.
  • Tempo improved from one half to the other.
  • Downhill running game was evident. Something that has been sorely lacking for some years.
  • And most of the discussion to center around BYU who brings in a very, ahem, mature team.

Hook ‘em.