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Texas/Rice Game as "Texts from Last Night"

This past weekend, I convinced a group of military officers to meet up in Austin for the Texas-Rice game.  One of them was a UT Alum, but the rest of the group all went elsewhere for undergrad and law school.  It's one thing to share the city of Austin, UT, and DKR with other UT students or alumni.  It's something else entirely to witness a group of outsiders experiencing the city, school, and stadium for the first time.  I thoroughly cherished watching my friends soak in our traditions and history (and cheerleaders) before walking away from the game suitably impressed.    

But my friends weren't the only ones who took in a new experience on Saturday night.  All of us who saw the game--whether in person or on television--witnessed a bit of program history.  As everyone knows, the Rice game marked the first real opportunity for the revamped coaching staff and heralded recruiting class to strut their stuff.  The Rice game was also the first-ever football game televised on the Longhorn Network.  And, over the course of the night, my friends had plenty to say about both the game and its network.  

After the jump, and in the spirit of, I wanted to share some of my text conversations with the BON always, a few of these entries were contributed by other BON authors.

(xxx): You getting to watch the game today?

(xxx): Yup.  I'm in Austin with some friends.

(xxx): Well, most of us still cant see the game.  Do you have tickets or are you watching on LHN?

(xxx): We're going to the game.  Took advantage of the $30 ticket offer.

(xxx): Nice.  I'm still trying to find a place to watch the game. 


(xxx): GAMEDAY!

(xxx): Word.  You going to the game?

(xxx): Nope.  And I cant even watch it right now because I have TWC.  But, still, GAMEDAY!


(xxx): Is it just me, or are people discussing the LHN as much as the actual game?

(xxx): No, that's happening around my tailgate, too. 

(xxx): And it's not all good, either.

(xxx): Especially if someone brings up the commercial about Bevo eating hay.


(xxx): Is this going to be an obnoxiously close game?

(xxx): Nah.  Maybe for a half, though.  Rice cant hang after that. 

(xxx): They lack the athletes.  And the SWAGGER.


(xxx): Watching people from APO fall down when the Texas flag snaps into place never gets old.

(xxx): Seriously, I think it's my favorite pregame ritual...


(xxx): The LHN logo looks like it belongs on a Wal-Mart t-shirt.


(xxx): Man, KD is in the house and no one recognized him.  Someone near me got excited about Pittman, though.

(xxx): That's pitiful.  KD is one of the five best players alive.  Dex might be the 8th best player on the Heat.


(xxx): Cody Johnson did what Cody Johnson does.

(xxx):  You need one yard, he gets you three.  You need four yards, he gets you three.

(xxx):  Don't forget about the touchdowns. 

(xxx):  I was just making a joke.  Cody is definitely an asset to the roster.


(xxx): Seems pretty apparent that Harsin doesnt have complete trust in Gilbert.

(xxx): Or the OL.

(xxx): Whatever just happened with that Gorilla and the Hellraisers is the worst thing I've ever seen.

(xxx): Agreed.  I feel bad for everyone involved.


(xxx): At least the Rice band is entertaining.

(xxx): MOB.  For life.


(xxx): Man, I cant believe the relationship with A&M has frayed so bad, so quickly.

(xxx):  Well, I was one of the fans cheering the jokes.  Well played, MOB.


(xxx): So, yeah, why didnt Brown carry the ball in the first half?

(xxx):  I...I dont know.


(xxx): Gideon being Gideon.


(xxx): Harsin making some adjustments.  We're rolling right now.


(xxx): Love seeing so many players touch the football.

(xxx): Truly a breath of fresh air.

(xxx): Brown is so clearly the best RB.  He makes 5 yards where everyone else is making two.

(xxx): He may not play much on passing downs yet, but I'm a fan.


(xxx): Big Shipley cant take his hands off his hot girlfriend.

(xxx): Which is yet another thing Lil Shipley can learn from his older brother.

(xxx): Big Shipley has good taste.


(xxx): You know, Gilbert wasnt too bad tonight.  He wasnt *good*, but it could have been worse.

(xxx): Yeah, outside of the bizarre lateral play, he was serviceable.

(xxx): Yup.

(xxx): Wait, how did "serviceable" become good enough for a Texas QB?


(xxx): I missed the game.  Anything I need to know?

(xxx): Not much.  Nothing you probably dont know already.  Fish were great.

(xxx): Cool.  But are we gonna beat Baylor this year or what?


(xxx): LHN, Conference Realignment, Pay for Play, blahblahblah.  I'm just glad football is back.


As always, feel free to contribute your own conversations below...

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