yACCety yACC - UT interested in move to ACC?

Heard on the radio this morning that Chip "You're doin' a hell of a job" Brownie is saying the ACC is very interested in Texas and we're not exactly not taking their calls. WTF? I thought ACC was where you go when you flunk out of UT, not where you go when you flunk out of the Big XII.

Apparently Texas is interested in the ACC because there are no conflicts with our network and we could use their rain.

And why would there be a conflict with our network seeing how nobody watches the ACC on any of the other channels either...except when they're the only game on like last night where Maryland proved once again that they know football, crab cakes and applying for the open Court Jester job at Medieval Times.

 I for one am hoping we pursue the CFL.

Longhorns vs. Argonauts. How crazy awesome would that be? 

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