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Finally Gone: Texas A&M Accepted Into SEC

Finally. After weeks of talk and speculation and the Aggies announcing the university's withdrawal from the Big 12, official word of Texas A&M's acceptance to the SEC is mere hours away, pending a Wednesday news conference to confirm the obvious after SEC presidents reportedly voted Tuesday evening to accept the Aggies into the conference, a move the conference will cast as unanimous.

With it, the official death of the Big 12 looms ever closer, with another last-minute salvage by Dan Beebe appearing impossible as talk turns to which schools will join Oklahoma in the Pac-16, how the Longhorn Network will impact whether or not Texas will join its Red River rival, the eventual destination for Texas, and what shape the new superconferences will take. All this following the first week of college football and amidst arrested speculation of possible replacements for Texas A&M -- any doubts about this being the Big 12's death throes have been almost entirely removed.

But until that official announcement, speculate about which two schools reportedly voted against A&M joining the league. Speculation brought to you by OB's own realignment/rumor-spreading maestro Chip Brown! Wee! Or reminisce about the Big 12. Or the Aggies. Really, it's whatever. But be aware that A&M and the SEC pretty much just opted for the nuclear option.