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Hilarious Realignment Quote of the Day

Courtesy of Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News, comes this gem from an article speculating as to why Texas would never join the Pac 12:

The university, which has one of the nation's finest law schools, considers itself the academic equal of the Ivies, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins.

(Not that Stanford and Cal aren't academic powerhouses. It's just that they aren't east coast academic powerhouses.)

Would the state's power brokers - and that includes Perry - really allow the state university to move its center of gravity to the west coast?

That, not The Longhorn Network, could be what keeps Texas out of the Pac-12.

So let's get this straight: Texas would not go to the Pac 12 because Texas pols like Rick Perry won't be able to get past their fawning admiration for east coast academia?

Rick Perry?  Seriously? The guy who bombed his way through college and couldn't get an A in Cow Parts 101 if you spotted him everything but the udder? The guy who was a male cheerleader at the school that just bolted for the academic wasteland of the SEC?  That's going to be the hang up?

There are reasons that Texas might not choose to head to the Pac 12, but this isn't one of them.

Consider this your realignment open thread.