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Bobby Petrino In-Home Visit With Dorial Green-Beckham Cancelled

A day before Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino was scheduled to make an in-home visit with mega recruit Dorial Green-Beckham, his father and head coach, John Beckham, revealed to that a "situation" had occurred and that the visit was cancelled.

According to Beckham, the Hog head man and DGB "bumped into each other" at some point during the AFCA Coaches Convention, which was held in San Antonio this year at the same time the big wide receiver was in town participating in the Army All-American game. It's not clear when exactly the contact occurred -- it was either during a "dead" or "quiet" period that forbids in-person contact -- but Beckham did say that another school recruiting DGB reported the situation to the NCAA.

The CBS Sports report did not clarify why exactly the potential violation by Petrino would force the coach to cancel his in-home visit, but did seem to imply a direct connection. As for possible sanctions from the NCAA in the matter, if the contact was unintentional, as seems likely, it should not impact DGB's eligibility or result in sanctions against Arkansas, though it does generally help in such cases to self-report the issue, which apparently did not happen here.

As for when Mack Brown will take his official visit, it appears that Thursday evening is now open with the cancellation of Petrino's in-home. Stephen Spiewak of MaxPreps tweeted Wednesday that Brown was planning on making his in-home visit during lunch on Thursday, but he could now slide into that later slot following Petrino's cancellation.

With Brown apparently in Van visiting with Dalton Santos on Wednesday, time was starting to run out for the Texas head coach to visit with the Beckhams, raising some interesting questions about the timing of the cancellation of Petrino's visit amidst news that another school reported the potential violation. Did Texas, seemingly pro-active recently in helping the NCAA target recruiting violations in the state, report the contact between Petrino and DGB?