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Caleb Bluiett : 2012 Texas Recruiting Spotlight

Caleb Bluiett still has plenty of room on his frame to add good weight (Photo by Wescott Eberts).
Caleb Bluiett still has plenty of room on his frame to add good weight (Photo by Wescott Eberts).


Name: Caleb Bluiett

Position: Defensive End

Height: 6-3

Weight: 248

Speed: 4.75

High School: West Brook High School Beaumont, TX

Rating (Rivals): Three out of five (5.6)


  • Texas (committed 2/26/2011)


Bluiett became the 10th commitment in 2012 class during the Second Junior Day in February 2011. The Texas coaches indicated to Bluiett that if he attended JD2 he would be offered. Like so many others before him, Bluiett was offered by Mack Brown in his office and committed to Texas on the spot. Bluiett grew up a Texas fan so the decision was easy for him.

Bluiett has never wavered in his commitment and is said to be one of the more UT crazed commits in the 2012 class.

GOBR's take.

My take : Honestly, I wasn't in love this take when it occurred. Devonte Fields was an emerging beast, and Mario Edwards hadn't committed to FSU yet. I thought there were better options out there and Texas should be patient. However, Bluiett has grown me, and I now like the take enough to feature the young man. Bluiett will be participating in the International Bowl next week in Austin.

This will be Bluiett's first all-star game setting, and an excellent opportunity to showcase his underrated skills.

Scouting report

DE Caleb Bluiett Junior Highlights (via burntorangebevo1)

Bluiett is so intriguing as prospect because his eventual position is yet to be determined. He played DT for West Brook as a junior, he played TE for his school during the state 7 on 7 tournament, and he played primarily at MLB during his senior season. Bluiett also played TE, DE, and was on every special teams unit as a senior. When I comb over practice reports during the 2012 Fall Camp, Bluiett is a name I will be looking for to see where the young man is slotted to play. Could he add to DE depth? Is the part of the answer at TE? Time will tell.

What I like most about Bluiett is his frame. He's a lanky 240 + pounds. There's plenty of room for him to pack on mass and muscle. He's also an East Texas kid, and they have a long history of blooming late and turning into monsters as upperclassmen. Bennie Wylie going to work on Bluiett will be a very interesting experiment, and I don't think he's done growing just yet. To give you an idea of what kind of athlete Bluiett is, he returned a kick off 60 yards this past season and throws a 89 mph fastball. Not bad for a DE / TE.

Bluiett turned some heads at state 7 on 7 tournament playing TE. So much so, that some recruiting analysts began to project his best position at TE / H back. He is a fluid, fast twitch athlete with excellent hand - eye coordination. He is also an all district outfielder in baseball . BFLT is on the record of loving multi - sport athletes.

I I believe Texas should be careful in their development of Bluiett. He could possibly contribute early at DE, but would probably need a redshirt year at TE. Texas very simply doesn't have an athlete of Bluiett's caliber at TE. DJ Grant was an elite athlete before his serious injury, and I think MJ McFarland can be huge at Texas in the basketball reject playing TE niche. Bluiett is still the better athlete. The coaches have a difficult decision to make, and I think they should take a full year to think it over. Get Bluiett in the weight room and see how his body develops. If he shoots up to 260+, he's probably a DE, but if he can stay fluid and lean at 250, I think TE should be his starting point. He is in very capable hands with Texas coaching staff. Harsin made his bones as the Tight Ends Coach at Boise State and Oscar Giles has consistently put DEs in the League during his time at Texas.

Multiple positions players are always fun to watch at Texas. Look at all the ink spent on Chris Whaley's eventual position. I think Caleb Bluiett is the next one in the pipeline.

Hook 'Em.