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Kennedy Estelle: 2012 Texas Recruiting Spotlight


Name: Kennedy Estelle

Position: Offensive tackle

Height: 6-7

Weight: 300

Speed: 5.2

School: Pearland Dawson

Rating (Rivals): Four out of five (5.9)


  • Texas (committed 6/5/2011)
  • Alabama
  • Auburn
  • Baylor
  • Colorado
  • Florida State
  • Kansas State
  • Louisville
  • Notre Dame
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • TCU
  • Texas A&M
  • Texas Tech
  • USC
  • Utah
  • Wake Forest


A top national prospect who reportedly had at least 35 offers before committing to Texas, having both parents in the Longhorn corner likely had significant impact on the big tackle's recruitment. Around the time of the spring game, a commitment looked imminent, but Estelle took a step back in May to consider a visit to either Auburn or Alabama, at that time declining to name a favorite for his services.

Estelle decided to pull the trigger for Texas following a min-camp in early June, providing the backbone for the Texas offensive line class that desperately needed to land multiple future tackles and solidifying the core of the offensive class that includes quarterback Connor Brewer, wide receiver Cayleb Jones, and running back Johnathan Gray, the top targets at each position.

The commitment from Estelle also allowed the Longhorns to seriously pursue other options out-of-state and though Stacy Searels and company ultimately fell short with targets like John Theus and Andrus Peat, the staff did secure a commitment from JUCO tackle Donald Hawkins, who will ultimately be able to contribute much earlier than either of the aforementioned prep players.

Scouting Report

Estelle uses his superior size and athleticism to dominate lesser opponents as a run and pass blocker. We see good upper body playing strength but the need to polish both run and pass blocking skills. Definitely has the size and athleticism for the offensive tackle position at the major level of competition. Shows very good flexibility, balance and agility; can play in space and is a devastating second level blocker. From a three point stance we see a prospect who flashes the ability to come off the ball and get movement when drive blocking; at times plays too high but can establish good fit, base and the necessary leg drive to sustain blocks. Once this guy gets his hands on a defender he is capable of steering them off the line of scrimmage. Flashes dominance when down and double team blocking. We see an excellent pull/trap blocker; demonstrates very good technique with a well placed first step and immediate movement out of his stance; has very little wasted motion; stays flat along the line displaying the balance and agility to turn up-field and locate defenders on the move; finishes blocks with dominant results. This prospect has the quickness to reach and get a hat on active 1st and 2nd level defenders. There is little doubt with improved techniques this player is capable of making all the necessary run blocks at the next level of play. His long arms, quick hands and nimble feet should be assets in pass protection; Flashes good quick set ability; will play a little too tall at times but demonstrates he has the athleticism to bend and slide his feet to the deep edge. We see glimpses of very good upper body had use; can shock defenders with a solid initial punch, demonstrating the ability t get his hands inside with good extension. We like this guy's aggressive, tough finishing attitude. Estelle does not appear to be an immediate starter once he steps on campus rather one who could see early playing time once his techniques are polished.

Kennedy Estelle Highlights (via 247SportsStudio)

Probably the two best things that have happened since Estelle committed to Texas are Josh Cochran emerging as a potential fixture at one of the tackle positions for the next three years and Hawkins joining the fold as a potential instant impact player at the other tackle position.

After it looked like Estelle might have to contribute early with all the uncertainty surrounding the position at the start of the 2012 recruiting process, it now appears that any contributions in his first season or two on campus could just be a bonus rather than a serious need.

And that isn't to say that Estelle's stock has dropped since his commitment or even since he received his offer at the first Texas Junior Day -- he's still the top-rated tackle prospect in the state, it's just that he's still relatively raw as a player pretty new to football. Estelle picked up the game as a sophomore and started only one year on varsity before blowing up into a national prospect.

Quick and nimble feet for his size earned Estelle his reputation, as well as long arms and a nasty disposition. The combination allows him to bury defenders in the running game, whether at the line of scrimmage or at the second level, as Estelle packs a significant punch.

In pass protection, Estelle is a bit raw, but he does have the natural tools. At times during the Under Armour game he looked impressive, keeping his shoulder square to the line of scrimmage, and using the length and punch that makes him so effective pancaking defenders as a run blocker. However, there were also moments in the game where he had trouble not getting deep enough into his pass set, though he does have the flexibility to do so consistently with better technique.

In fact, all the normal technique and strength caveats apply here, but it's clear both from the film and the offer list that Estelle has significant physical upside and there is now less pressure on him both to contribute early and to prove that he is a future left tackle.