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Bevo's Roundup: Go Wildcats!

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All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


Here's some of the great LHN content that very few of you can watch. Enjoy!

Mack Brown, PR specialist. [Brownwood News]

The Texas football program is worth more than an NFL franchise. [WSJ]

The Texas Longhorns football program—just football; not basketball, baseball or anything else—is worth $805 million. To put this into perspective, the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars recently sold for about $45 million less.


Yes, that is Texas A&M's Pres. Dr. Bernie Loftin.

Thanks, Aggies! [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Kansas State and Arkansas don't have much in common.

Outside of a top-10 ranking, the first time the Cotton Bowl has hosted such a matchup in 18 years, there's one big similarity: Neither would have been here without Texas A&M.

This can't make the Aggies faithful happy. [San Antonio Express-News]

Texas A&M tackling legend Dat Nguyen said Thursday that there is "no chance" he’ll be a part of A&M’s new staff, and already has cleaned out his locker in the Bright building.

Watch out for the newest member of the Big 12. [NewsOK]

The Big 12 wants West Virginia immediately and West Virginia wants the Big 12 immediately. The Big East wants West Virginia to stay another two years.

Big 12 defensive coordinators would support a compromise. How about West Virginia comes over as soon as Geno Smith’s eligibility is gone?

The air raid is coming, people. Be afraid, be very afraid. [Barking Carnival]


Unless your name is Manny Diaz. If Diaz and Holgo were to face off in a WWE match, announced at midnight tonight, it would sell out at 12:01 — Appalaaaaaaaachian Moooooonshine Mullet vs Central Texas Santeriiiiiaaaaaa. Holgo’s Mountaineers dropped an atomic Geno bomb on Dabo’s boys, ripping the Ralph Lauren pony right off Clemson fans’ shirts with a 99 yard strip fumble TD OMFG play just before halftime to go up by two scores. Oh, wait. They scored again 8 seconds after then when Holgo simply nodded his head, allowing Tahj Boyd to be picked off. Make that 49 points at halftime and a three score lead. This is what Holgo can do to you, Big 12. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

They are still celebrating in West Virginia. [The Smoking Musket]

It is getting harder to win in Oklahoma. [Tulsa World]

"Everything you do with kids today is harder than it was in 2000," he said. "Getting them to go to class is harder. Getting them to not fail drug tests is harder. Getting them to not be on time is harder. Right? They've been allowed to do whatever they wanna do, a lot of them, and they either get it or they don't. Our standards on how we do things aren't going to change.

"I'm not gonna have every year Johnny, who thinks he oughta do it this way... You could do that. And that's what they were doing before we got here. They were setting their own schedules and coming in when they want to and working out to the level they want to, and they were losing all the time. We were at K-State beating 'em for a good number of years."

No, the Sooners are nowhere near in range of the Blake Era. That's not the point, Stoops' point. But the entitlement fight is real, and getting harder for him to win.

Contain your excitement. Landry Jones will be back in Norman next season. [NewsOK]

The guys over at our favorite Cyclone blog score again. [Wide Right Natty Light]

They are just so damn glad to have visitors. Iowa would to thank anyone for stopping by. [Wide Right Natty Light]

"People see the SEC different than they do any other conference. ... It’s deservingly so because they have won in the big game. But, in my opinion, from top to bottom the Big 12 was the strongest league in the country this year." - Mike Gundy on the SEC. [Washington Post]


SEC Commissioner Mike Silve believes big changes are coming. [CBS Sports]

Should the Cotton Bowl be part of the BCS? [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Bear Bryant was smart enough to get out of College Station. [Yahoo Sports]

Is it a track meet or a bowl game? [USA Today]

The Good, The Bad, The Sanctioned

Sanctions haven't hurt USC one iota. [Business of College Sports]

Here's your laugh of the day. Craig James thinks people in Lubbock will support him in the upcoming Senate race. [CBS Sports]


Following the gravy train of college sports and the

Bowl attendance isn't very good this year. [USA Today]

Tuesday night's Sugar Bowl was the 30th of this season's 35 games, each of which also was played last season. The total attendance for those games is more than 2.5% lower this season than it was last season. If this trend holds for the remaining five games, the average bowl attendance for the season would fall to 50,542. That would be the lowest since 1978-79, when the number of games expanded to 15 from 13 and the average was 48,404. (In 2002-03, when the number of games expanded to 28 from 25, the average was 50,575.)

It pays to be a college football head coach. [The Bulletin]

Like many other coaches, Saban and Miles also have corporations and foundations that handle their media appearances and endorsements. Saban’s corporation, Sideline Inc., receives income related to "fees, royalty payments, advance payments or similar compensation" in addition to money from his endorsement deals with Coca-Cola and Ford.

Coaches can use these corporations for sophisticated tax planning that is not available to state employees who are not affiliated with similar organizations. But because a portion of their income is earned as state employees, they remain eligible for state employee benefits such as pensions, retirement savings matches, medical insurance, vacation pay and tuition waivers.

One more example of why the BCS isn't a good idea. [CBS Sports]

It wasn't the worst attempt to legitimize the BCS, but it was in the bottom 95 percent.

Go ahead, pile on: Another team or teams should have been here ... It was a Sugar Bowl matchup that would have made a heck of a Capital One Bowl ... The last time this game kicked off without a top-10 team, it was 1945 ... Twelve-thousand empty Superdome seats came out disguised as disinterest.

In a game that couldn't sell enough tickets, couldn't sell itself and -- just betting here -- couldn't generate enough ratings, Michigan beat Virginia Tech 23-20 in overtime.

More bad financial news for athletic departments. [Sports Business Journal]

The average home crowd for the 120 FBS schools in 2011 was 45,523, the lowest attendance figure since 2004. College football had enjoyed unprecedented attendance growth through the 2000s, peaking at more than 46,000 on average in 2007 and ’08. Those numbers have receded to fewer than 46,000 in the last three years, suggesting that attendance has reached a plateau.

The BCS has killed the Orange Bowl. [SB Nation]

If you want the gory attendance numbers, I have the web site for you. [Sports Media Watch]

And finally...

Good luck to Kansas State. Beat the hell out of Arkansas.

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