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Case McCoy Not Transferring From Texas, Per His Own Tweet

Sophomore Texas quarterback Case McCoy has apparently been aware of all the rumors that have been swirling in recent weeks about his future in the program. Ready to finally put them to rest a day after news broke that JUCO quarterback Bo Wallace will not visit Texas and does not have a Longhorn offer, McCoy took to Twitter to help put those rumors to rest. Or at least attempt to slow them down:


It's interesting that McCoy waited so long to put the rumors to rest, but if his statement can be taken at face value, it looks like the Longhorns will enter the 2012 season with four quarterbacks, drastically reducing the need for Wallace and ensuring that the commitment of Connor Brewer is not in question.

The question for McCoy was whether he would stay and try to compete for the job, possibly resulting in a back-up role for the rest of his career, or go somewhere else where he would have a better chance of starting. The answer, at least for right now, appears to be the former.