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Daily Round Up: Monday, Oct. 1

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''It's going to bring us together because wins like that are emotional,'' Ash said. ''When you share that kind of emotion with your brothers on your team that you've been working so hard with, sweating, going through all of the things that a college football team goes through, working so hard and coming up with such an emotional win is going to bring you together.

''It was really awesome to be a part of that.''

Calm, cool and collected is the way we like them.

Texas is confident again.

Confidence wasn't something that you could find much of on the 40 Acres the past two seasons. Turnovers, blown assignments, a lack of quarterback play and struggles in all three phases of the game contributed to decidedly un-Texas like play that ended up forcing the marquee program to reinvent itself.

Next week will be different: Be wary of Mr. Smith.

But there’s a different energy when playing at home, and a different scheme when playing a team that can’t hurt you with the run game. Texas will cover better, and will tackle better after defensive coordinator Manny Diaz and Brown stress that this week in practice.

There are lots of things to work on before Texas plays WVU.

"We just played against a team [Oklahoma State] that had scored 62 [in its previous game], and now we're playing a team that just scored 70," Brown said Sunday. "It's crazy."

North of the Red River

"I think we're a tough enough team," Stoops said after the Kansas State loss.

"What I don't think is we're a good enough football team."

Landry Jones is in a slump.

The Sooners will make a little money on their network.

Everything you never wanted to know about Barry Switzer.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to former OU coach Chuck Fairbanks.

Around the Big 12

After almost four hours and more than 1,500 yards, the Mountaineers prevailed 70-63 in their first conference game as a member of the Big 12.

Geno Smith is amazing.

Texas Tech beat Iowa State.

TCU beat SMU.

There were a lot of what ifs for Mike Gundy.

Since no one cares about Jayhawk football...Bill Self just signed a contract extension through 2022.

What did we learn this week?

Open Range

Is it a prolific offense or a lousy defense?

The 19 Power Poll teams that played averaged 36 points and won by a net 11 points. In FBS there was an average of 61 points per game. College football's highest division is on pace to shatter the record (30.5) for average points per team in a game. Fifty-one teams reached at least 30 points in Saturday's 52 games.

The nation's great media minds will no doubt dissect what caused such an outbreak. Bad tackling? Spread offenses? Global warming? The offensive panic is so widespread that 13 teams from nine conferences gave up at least 30 points and won.

There are some crazy numbers in college football.

And Finally...

Nebraska threw Tom Osbourne a retirement party...