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David Ash To Oklahoma State: "How You Like Me Now?"

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Oklahoma State fans, writers, and players were skeptical of the sophomore Texas quarterback heading into the game in Stillwater -- for reasonable reasons. Ash responded with an impressive statement to the non-believers.

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Texas quarterback David Ash continued his accelerated developmental trajectory with the best performance by a Longhorns signal-caller in the post-Colt McCoy era, sending a clear and unequivocal message to Cowboys fans and players who thought that he was in for a rude awakening -- "How you like me now?"

Now, Ash is far too humble to say something, so we here at Burnt Orange Nation have taken it upon ourselves to send the message, particularly to our friends at Cowboys Ride For Free, who didn't think much of Ash's underthrows against Ole Miss.


Texas fans will have to forgive them for not letting the fact that Ash threw this particular pass with his typical tight spin keep them from making the joke. Or the fact that the ball may have been underthrown on either on purpose or at least to make sure that Goodwin had a chance to make a play on the ball, a point of emphasis for the coaching staff after he overthrew numerous bombs last season

Truth, after all, has ruined many a good joke in the past, For shame.

But that wasn't all -- CRFF writer Robert Whetsell was hardly drinking the same kool-aid Longhorns fans were apparently sipping, sarcastically touting Ash as a Heisman contender:

But the Davey O'Brien National QB of the Week? Ash hasn't even shown up on the radar that tracks low flying aircraft, much less any kind of QB watch list. There must be a complete lack of candidates because I watched the Ole Miss game, and that was NOT a performance worthy of that award. Folks are glowing over 15 completions in a row? King could do that sober (drunk is a given) no farther than they are asking him to throw the ball. Shovel passes...screen passes...WR screens...short hooks. And I don't want to hear about the 2 long TD's...both were HORRIBLY underthrown. The WR & DB bailed him out on one and the Ole Miss DB fell on his ass on the other, which should have been an easy interception. Did you see how badly he missed Shipley with his 2nd attempt of the game? Jaxon could have been Wilt Chamberlain and would still have had to jump out of his shoes on a play that was WIDE OPEN if he leads him just a little to the back corner of the end zone, and was only about a 20 yard throw. Please. I can just hear the morning coffee shop chatter from the "koolaid" set waxing poetic about Ash's "breakout" performance.

The takeaway, courtesy of the following statement in the piece? There are legit completions and non-legit completions. Since Justin Gilbert could have made a play on the ball when Mike Davis caught the 32-yard touch pass from David Ash, perhaps that one doesn't count either. You know, except on the scoreboard and in the win column.

The ominous ending from the post:

Oh, just an FYI...your day of reckoning is coming, the day when Ash's arm will be all you have, your defense is giving up points, and David is going to have to stretch the opposing defense. Wonder what the confidence factor among "reasonable" UT fans would be on that one?

Not a sky-high confidence factor heading into the game, but it did go down just as Whetsell predicted. Except for the fact that Ash came through, completely and totally. That was a fun day of reckoning, was it not?

In the future, that confidence factor will be a little bit higher.

All this having been said in a light-hearted and teasing manner, it's time for the coup de grace -- the GIF that actually represents where Ash is right now.


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How you like him now, Cowboys?