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Daily Round Up: Wednesday, Oct. 10

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It is becoming a trend. [AAS]

"We wanted them to run the ball," Texas defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat said Monday, and in the aftermath of a 48-45 loss to the Mountaineers on Saturday night, that qualifies as a warning to be careful what you ask for.

Indeed, for the third straight game, Texas’ defense was gashed by an opponent’s running game.

Texas is ready for OU. [AAS]

Year two is so much better for Bryan Harsin. [Horns Nation]

It has been a good season for sacks so far. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

The defense is getting better. [NewsOK]

So many questions and very few answers. [Horns Nation]

Have Texas and Oklahoma gone soft? [NewsOK]

North of the Red River

Bob Stoops is attempting to flatter Texas. [ESPN]

"It’s impossible to not be excited," Stoops said Monday during his weekly news conference as his Sooners prepare for Texas. "Just incredibly exciting and exhilarating. It’s what you want in sports."

The Sooners changed things up against Tech. [NewsOK]

Wonder where he got that idea? Someone thinks the Sooners should run against Texas. [Tulsa World]

The Sooners have another receiver. [NewsOK]

Those kickoff returns for a touchdown are a big deal. [NewsOK]

Around the Big 12

Maybe if Tommy Tuberville plays nice in the Big 12 sandbox, WVU won't demolish the Raisers? [Lubbock Acalanche-Journal]

Charlie Weis has already moved on from his first season in Lawrence. [CBS Sports]

JW Walsh is still the Poke's QB. [NewsOK]

The old guys get it done. [San Antonio Express-News]

It’s been well chronicled in these parts over the years that Kansas State’s Bill Snyder isn’t just a remarkable coach.

One day, they probably should chisel out an entire wing for him at the College Football Hall of Fame for his work turning around KSU’s program over the years.