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Daily Roundup: Friday, Oct. 12

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"It's like a bowl game at midseason," Texas coach Mack Brown said. [Fox Sports]

The Texas QB just isn't the same guy he was last year. [Tulsa World]

David Ash learned a lot in last year's game. [SI]

According to a renowned expert, David Ash is the better QB going into the RRR. [Dallas Morning News]

"Take Ryan Broyles away, and suddenly Jones is quite pedestrian in an offense that was once highly productive," Eberts writes. "... The numbers say it, the perception of among both fanbases back it up, and the career trajectories of both players provide further evidence -- Ash is simply a better quarterback right now."

The Horns may get some validation on Saturday. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

"To go up to Dallas and win would be a big statement," Vaccaro said. "We fix a couple of things and we'll be as good as any team in the country."

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What's for dinner? Quarterbacks. [AAS]

Mykell Thompson has a new job. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Thompson made his first career start at strong safety last Saturday against West Virginia and was second on the team with 10 tackles. The breakout performance showed Thompson's development as a defender.

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Anthony Fera is the answer to our prayers. [Dallas Morning News]

Just in case you asked, the RRR will never be a night game. [NewsOK]

Now that we don't have the Aggies to kick around any more, will the Sooners feel more hate coming from this side of the Red River? [NewsOK]

A year ago when conference realignment was bucking and taking college football for a ride, he (Dodds) contended that OU had always been the chief rival, not Texas A&M.

Of course, he (Dodds) said, the Texas A&M game had been great. Sure, the Longhorns might agree to play the Aggies again some day.

But playing the Sooners?

That was something the Longhorns had to do.

Do I have to tell you why I no longer subscribe to the Daily Disappointment?

North of the Red River

"It's still one game in a whole slew of them," he (Stoops) said. "Just because you win it, if you lose the rest of them, it won't matter. Heck, we won it last year and lost a few others and it still didn't matter … You don't get patted on the back. They used to say, 'Just beat Texas' when I got here in '99. That doesn't happen anymore. You have to beat everybody." [Norman Transcript]

But in another article... [Sooner Nation]

“It’s impossible to not be excited,” Stoops said Monday during his weekly news conference as his Sooners prepare for Texas. “Just incredibly exciting and exhilarating. It’s what you want in sports.”

Is Oklahoma fixed or are they flawed? [Fox Sports]

What are the keys to a Sooner win? [NewsOK]

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit thinks the Land Thieves are in a good place going into this game. [NewsOK]

In case you care...Jamarkus McFarland will graduate in December. [Tulsa World]

Barry Switzer talks about rivalry. [Sooner Nation]

Here's your broadcast crew. [NewsOK]