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Texas Football 2012: Mack Brown's Baylor Press Conference

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Follow along with Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown as he discusses the state of the team heading into the contest against the Baylor Bears.

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Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown will meet with the media today at 11 am CST to discuss the upcoming game against the Baylor Bears and recap last Saturday's match-up. Watch the press conference streaming live at MB-TF or on the Longhorn Network.

The avalanche of boos coming from the burnt orange faithful on Saturday continued late into the evening on internet boards. Sunday we awoke to late night deadline stories from all over the country coming to grips with the slaughter by the hands of the Texas Longhorns arch rival Bob Stoops led OU Sooners.

Watching the game you would have thought the Longhorns truly believed they could just roll out their helmets and OU would lay down and kiss feet.


So what are we to expect from Mack Brown today? No disrespect intended but if Bill Little's circle-the-wagons excuse piece posted on Sunday is any indication we're going to hear that a) the Big 12 is the toughest conference (ie. Any Given Saturday) platitudes, b) it's not the fault of Mack Brown or Texas SID we failed to heed their warning the team was not as good as most suggested (this in spite of seeing Mack Brown on the LHN speak of how the team is very close to being great not good), and c) the plain ol' unacceptable performance speech we've all grown accustomed to receiving without the explanation of the why, who, where, and how.

Again, expect this.

On injuries:

Your heart breaks for any player lost to injury let alone when said injury is season ending. We learned last night that Jackson Jeffcoat tore his right pectoral muscle and elected to undergo season ending surgery. Hat tip to JJ for his tireless effort and god speed young man.

Ash is said to have severe swelling in his non-throwing left wrist and will be evaluated throughout the week. Good and bad news. I hope he sits because we need a warm body handling the offense without playing to protect injuries. Just my two cents on the matter.

Donald Hawkins suffered a twisted ankle in the early going on Saturday and was not cleared to return leaving us with Poehlman at right tackle and moving Cochran to take over at LT. We are still young and not very deep on the line as evidenced by the lack of protection resulting in the injury as indicated in the previous paragraph.

No word on Hicks. No word on Malcolm Brown. My guess is that no word means day-to-day. Word on the street (take it for whatever it's worth) is that Hicks may not return this season. I hope that is a false rumor.

On the next opponent:

As for this week's showdown against the Baylor Bears, the discussion all week can be about program upheaval or we can talk football. I like the latter.

The Bears come into DKR with the nation's #2 offense with 567.6 yards per game, of which 398 of those yards is the nation's #1 passing component, at 7.6 yards per play (7.7 in conference). They also have the nation's #4 ranked scoring offense at 47.6 points per game. Math says that is equal to 0.0839 points for every yard of offense they gain. But Baylor has not beaten a conference opponent in spite of these gaudy stats. Probably something to do with the other side of the ball given the Bears rank dead last (124th) in FBS defense allowing 558.8 yards per game.

Meanwhile, the maligned Texas defense is allowing 32.5 points per game and 6.4 yards per play. In games where Texas has entered the contest with the superior yards per play statistic, they have not really proven to move the needle their way. And, even after last week's abysmal offensive production, thru 6 games the Horns are producing 6.34 yards per play (7.3 yards per play in conference).

So where these numbers intersect will be the story line of the game. My hope is we take away Terrence Williams (nation's #1 ranked receiver by a wide margin at 166 yards per game) and make the Bears beat us with one of their running backs or the feet of quarterback Nick Florence (leads the conference in total offense with 404.4 yards per game). I'd take my chances and hope for the best because this Longhorns defense has not yet proven against conference competition it can make opponents one dimensional.

We will need more Turn Up than turnip come Saturday.

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