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Resume Rankings as of 10/15/2012

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Alabama, predictably, now holds the #1 resume in the land. Somewhat unpredictably, South Carolina and Texas are still among the top 7.

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Last week, I touched on how ranking teams based purely on their resumes resulted in some head-scratching results. If you're uncomfortable with what the computer spat out last Monday, you're certainly not going to like today's edition.

  1. Alabama
  2. Florida
  3. South Carolina
  4. tOSU
  5. Texas Tech
  6. USC
  7. UT
  8. KSU
  9. TAMU
  10. TCU
  11. LSU
  12. ISU
  13. UCLA
  14. UO
  15. LaTech
  16. ASU
  17. ND
  18. Nevada
  19. Rutgers
  20. Oregon St.
  21. OU
  22. Michigan
  23. Miss. St.
  24. PSU
  25. Mich. St.
Other interesting tidbits:

37. FSU
38. WVU
56. Baylor
58. Ok. State

Texas remains highly ranked due in large part to their opponents' results. No team in the top 25 gets more help (9.900 points) from their opponents' results than UT. (The next highest is Iowa State at 9.500 points.)

Texas Tech made a sizeable leap in the rankings, going from #11 to #5. The aggies also made a considerable move up, from #19 to #9. Interestingly, OU remained at #21 after walloping Texas, due almost entirely to Texas' poor "first-person" ranking (11.500 points - lowest among the top 10 teams).

Texas (and the other Big XII teams) will likely continue to have high resume rankings because of the relative strength of the conference this year. According to the NCAA, 4 of the 5 toughest schedules belong to B12 teams (ISU #1, KU #3, WVU #4, BU #5) with all but TCU (#29) falling in the top 25 (TT #11, OU #12, OSU #13, UT #15, KSU #23).

For what it's worth, Alabama's schedule is ranked #64 (ahead of Indiana State, but behind UC Davis), Florida's is #7, and Oregon's is #43.